Music Academy- Lalit Pandit

ASPAM Scottish has associated itself with Pandit Lalit as his impervious learned-talent brought forward a continuum of contemporary music. His method & development has such a repertoire of extending the classical music history in India giving authentic mellow, romantic, peppy, playful classical compositions that touched the hearts of the young & old alike.
He made an indelible mark as the great musician with vibrant eastern & western music tunes, keeping with the changing trends of times & giving back the essence of the youthful emotions of the large masses of Indian population.

Dance Academy by Saroj Khan

Dance is a vocational skill that can be made into profession. AAPAM Scottish recognizes this fact and has entered into collaboration with Saroj Khan Dance Academy. The celebrated Bollywood choreographer will serve as a source of inspiration to take up dance as a profession.
The various dance forms a student can learn, practice and master are Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, Jazz, Salsa, Fusion and of course the Bollywood dance numbers with her signature steps and style.

Suresh Raina – Cricket Academy

ASPAM Scottish School, Noida has entered into co-curricular collaboration with Suresh Raina Cricket Academy to provide a platform to young budding cricketers. It provides opportunities to the aspiring cricketers to train and practice on 3 different types of pitches –astroturf, cemented and grassy. The standardised international infrastructural facility, centralised location and specialised coaches for batting, bowling and fielding has made cricket a great learning and enriching experience for both Aspamians and non-Aspamians. The young burgeoning cricketers in the age bracket of 6 to 18 years can hone their cricketing skills and fulfil their dream of playing for their state and finally their nation.

Avishkaar Labs

ASPAM Scottish School, Noida has started Science and Robotics lab by Avishkaar Box which is one of the leading companies in India dealing with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education. It is a unique and first of its kind Lab in India working on the principles of ‘Learning by tinkering’ and ‘Learning by doing’ in the school education going beyond ‘activity based learning’. ASPAM education philosophy also believes in the same, therefore, we opted for Science & Robotics Lab – Avishkar for students of grades IV to X. The Lab covers the main concepts as per CBSE curriculum with Activity manual for students.
As a part of beyond books curriculum, ASPAM has introduced Robotics because it is a great way to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) topics and Computer Science. It is highly effective in developing team-work and self-confidence. The incorporation of robotics content helps it’s mapping into every subject will equip the students with necessary skills to bring together knowledge in different fields by combining mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming expertise of Math, information technology, and engineering concepts.

School Cinema

CBSE has initiated a teaching programme of moral values and ethics through movies and ASPAM Scottish School has collaborated for this co-scholastic innovative concept in education. School cinema is a film based module that makes learning lessons of life an entertaining experience. It affirms life skills & values for students, parents and educators through award winning films and engaging activities catering to all age groups. The 20 minutes movie is followed by discussion, interaction, questionnaire sessions where the students can share whatever they have learnt from the movie. Thus these movies are used to inculcate moral values and at the same time teach life skills and develop critical and creative thinking skills in the students. This initiative is a part of ASPAM’s curriculum strategy i.e. beyond the books


ASPAM Scottish School has entered into scholastic collaboration with Open door an analytical enhancement programme that will help Aspamians to master intricacies of fundamental Mathematics and Science. Assessment Tools and Annual Concept Test discourage rote memory and encourages a child to explore beyond the dominions of curriculum.

Extramarks-Digital Connect

ASPAM Scottish has entered into Scholastic partnership with Extramarks digital connect as this multimedia learning portal uses animations, videos and virtual labs to make learning easy , effective and engaging. Moreover, Extramarks modules for Junior students are game based with thematic learning approach and for Seniors it is hierarchical, layered and adaptive approach LPT (Learn, Practice and Test) helps to create child centric teaching- learning environment in sync with our XSEED and CBSE curriculum.

NIIT Math Lab

ASPAM has taken NIIT Math Lab as its knowledge partner as the School aims to change the way Mathematics is taught. NIIT Math Lab is a revolutionary approach towards student-centric explorative learning, takes Mathematics Hands-on, making the students learn the concepts in a fun and playful manner. The digital multimedia, colourful books, intriguing manipulative, interesting mathematical tools and charts make learning mathematics an immersive experience. The 3 I’s—Imagine, Investigate, Interact help the students to build curiosity around concepts and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, question the answers by framing hypothesis and testing it, to support peer-to-peer, collaborative learning to enable knowledge by sharing and it follows a unique process of applying Math to everyday situations and practices through hands-on activities. Thus the lab helps in mental enhancement of areas like Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry etc. in the students.

NIIT English Lab

ASPAM has opted for NIIT- English Lab as it will help in transforming language learning for Aspamians. The main objective of this English lab is to provide students opportunity to hone their oratory skills in particular. This new-age, hybrid learning solutions address pedagogical challenges specific to English learning in classrooms. The customized learning programme has innovative learning interface for learners with progressive learning modules that compliments academic curriculum too.

The Following Are The Features Of The English Lab

  • Specialized features to facilitate ASL learning process
  • Removal of mother tongue influence using expert voice waveforms and recording
  • Focus on pronunciation and functional grammar through regular practice using specialized tools
  • Unmatched learning techniques to aid speedy comprehension
  • Technology enabled, personalized learning environment
  • Blended learning methodology with renewed focus on teacher’s role
  • Uniquely- designed comprehensive programme to build English proficiency- Spoken English, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • The course content has been developed keeping in mind the difficulties that the students generally face.
  • Topics such as accent, rhythm, intonation, consonants and vowels are dealt with separately and extensively. This is followed by an exercise. After listening to the pre-recorded voice, the student can record his/her own voice and compare the correctness of his/her pronunciation.
  • In the teacher module, the lessons can be need based or class specific. At the same time teacher can review, design a test and maintain a record of each student’s performance.


ASPAM Education Group opted for XSEED curriculum for grades I to V after a lot of research. ASPAM believes in pedagogical strategies of XSEED that is based on 5 As – Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment. These 5 As help in clarifying the outcome of every lesson so students know beforehand what they will learn, perform an activity to experience concepts first-hand & understand their use and application in real life, reflect on the experience & ask probing questions to undercover and understand the concept further, practice solving real world problems in the workbook to solidify understanding and build skills and get real-time feedback across conceptual understanding, applied thinking & English language fluency in order to improve performance. Thus XSEED curriculum helps in building a sound base of each student in ASPAM schools in India and UAE.