Our Core Values

Our core values

These core values will help Aspamians develop global philosophical dispositions, self-awareness, sensitivity, humility and lifelong curiosity. They are trained to deviate and go beyond but within the realms of justifiable bounds, build a sustainable, peaceful, inclusive world for the future effective citizens of the world, reflect, improvise and innovate on doing and acquire diligent resoluteness to become future ready global citizens for whom sky is the only limit.
Our sustained efforts will guide our students discover their individual talent and move forward in pursuit of excellence with honesty, character, integrity, faith, loyalty dedication, hard work , unremitting devotion and most importantly doing what’s right, the right way, at the right time.
So let’s keep our tireless efforts continued and help Aspamians rise, sparkle and conquer glorious path of success and accomplishment.
God bless us all!!

Universal Leadership

ASPAM’S age appropriate curriculum and learning pedagogy at all levels is aimed at cultivating global philosophical dispositions and instill in the young learners, attributes of world leadership by developing in them understanding of multiple perspectives. with the deftness for skill development.

Global Vistas

Global vistas vests in our ASPAM fraternity,  global competency in attitudes, knowledge, empathy and skills required  to live and work in today’s interconnected world. Our instructional practices teach the young ASPAMIANS diverse perspectives, make them understand how events around the world are interconnected.


Lineage &Annexe

ASPAMIANS are given ample opportunities to grasp and imbibe virtues and values from our lineage. They are trained to deviate and go beyond but within the realms of justifiable bounds. With new found skills provided by annexe of intellectual enlightenment, they set out to tread their chosen path to rise and shine in their preferred arenas.

Adulation & Laurels

Adulations & Laurels are the outcome of diligent resoluteness combined with skill and courage to overcome all hurdles in attainment of excellence in academics, co-curricular, sports and school operations. The intrinsic potential of students is identified, honed and mentored and thus making him a Laureate of ASPAM.