Disability Awareness

The only disability in life is bad behaviour.  —Scott Hamilton

Topic: Disability Awareness

Parents are all over the world get worried it comes to how they teach their kids about disabilities. Some scold their kids when they ask what’s wrong when a person with a disability passes by while other parents are totally cool and let their kids run around and approach and talk to differently able people. No two parenting techniques are alike while dealing with such a scenario.

Here are a few ways to help your kid to think differently about disabilities.

 1) Don’t get mad when they get curious

 While it’s great so many parents want to make sure their kids don’t offend the differently abled people. They should sensitize and getting angry should be avoided when their children  ask questions about disability. Fear, shame or embarrassment is not what you want your kids to feel in the presence of disability. 

2) Being different isn’t a negative thing

Instead of spinning a “sad story” on disability whenever they inquire about someone, saying something as “The world is full of people who are different,” is vital to make children understand that being different isn’t a negative thing.

3) Always ask before helping

A lot of well-meaning parents like to teach their kids to help differently abled whenever possible. But it’s just as important to teach them to ask before helping so they do not offend someone in their enthusiasm to help. The child should be taught to appreciate and respect autonomyof such people. 

4) Be careful how you react yourself  It’s no secret kids are sponges and instantly sense whatever mom or dad is feeling. Feeling nervous, awkward or afraid around people with disabilities will make your kids feel exactly the same way. Therefore it is important for you  to respond positively and calmly when encountering a person with a disability and seeing your reaction, your children will also do exactly the same.

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