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DateAPRIL EventsGrade
3.4. 2019Welcome Assembly New SessionV-A , X-B, XII-A
5.4. 2019Leaf printing(Indi)I TO V
5.4. 2019Leaf printing(Indi)VI TO VIII
5.4. 2019Group Discussion(Goal setting)IX TO XII
9.4.2019Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limitsIV-A, ,VIII-B,VII-A
9.4.2019Ushering the New Session (Briefing about New class and teachers)Welcome Assembly
12.4.2019Just a minute(I/H)I TO V
12.4.2019Collage on unity in diversity(Indi)VI TO VIII
12.4.2019IT ActivityIX TO XII
15.4.2019My School – My Second HomeKG A
16.4.2019World Heritage day XII-B,XII-C, V-B
19.4.2019Calligraphy(Indi)I TO V
19.4.2019Yoga competition(Indi)VI TO VIII
19.4.2019English debate(I/H)IX TO XII
22.4.2019Sensitization about SelfKG B
23.4.2019Earth dayVI-B, I-A, VII-B
26.4.2019Global kitchen (Group)I TO V
26.4.2019Ignited minds -Quiz(I/H)VI TO VIII
26.4.2019Essay writing(Indi)IX TO XII
29.4.2019Awareness about Good and Bad touchKG A
30.4.2019International Dance DayVIII-A, IX-B, VIII-B
DateMAY EventsGrade
3.5.2019Mask making(Indi)I TO V
3.5.2019Mask making(Indi)VI TO VIII
3.5.2019PPT(Emerging global professions)(Group)IX TO XII
6.5.2019Good manners & EtiquetteKG-B
7.5.2019Mothers’ DayX-A, II-A,VI-A, IV-A
10.5.2019Collage on family tree(Group)I TO V
10.5.2019Heritage Quiz(I/H)VI TO VIII
10.5.2019Declamation(Indi)IX TO XII
14.5.2019Core value(Universal Leadership)X-B, VII-A, VII-B, V-A
DateJULY EventsGrade
3.7.2019Welcome Back Assembly/Van MahotsavVIII-A, I-A, III-A, V-B
5.7.2019Origami(Indi)I TO V
5.7.2019Book mark designing(Indi)VI TO VIII
5.7.2019PPT(Entrepreneurship)(Group of different streams)IX TO XII
8.7.2019Importance of good healthy habitKG-A
9.7.2019Bharat Ek Khoj-Incredible India, Eid-Ul-ZuhaXII-A,B,C
12.7.2019Tea coaster making(Group)(I to III)I TO V
12.7.2019AssessmentVI TO VIII
12.7.2019Character dramatization(World leader)(I/H)IX TO XII
15.7.2019Self -Hygiene & CleanlinessKG-B
19.7.2019Drawing competition(Indi)(I To III)I TO V
19.7.2019Collage on unity in diversity (Indi)VI TO VIII
19.7.2019AssessmentIX TO XII
22.7.2019Save waterNursery A
23.7.2019Be a rainbow in someone’s cloudX-A ,B, II-A, IV-A
26.7.2019Western dance(I/H)I TO V
26.7.2019Poster making(World population day)VI TO VIII
26.7.2019AssessmentIX TO XII
29.7.2019Value of Happiness and SmileNursery B
30.7.2019Child Labour-A Social MaladyVI-A,VIII-B,IX-A
DateAUGUST EventsGrade
2.8.2019Craft (Independence day)(Activity)I TO V
2.8.2019Craft (Independence day)(Activity)VI TO VIII
2.8.2019Inquisitive minds(I/H)IX TO XII
5.8.2019Be Clean Go greenKG-A
5.8.2019Modes of Transport (Man driven, Animal driven and machine driven)KG-B
6.8.2019Core Value(Global Vistas)IV-A,IX-B, I-A,II-A
9.8.2019Rakhi making competition(Indi)I TO V
9.8.2019Pictspiration(Group)VI TO VIII
9.8.2019PPT(Innovative scientific solution to social problems)IX TO XII
13.8.2019Independence Day celebrationAll Grades
16.8.2019Brainvita(I/H)I TO V
16.8.2019Card making(Teachers day)VI TO VIII
16.8.2019Talk Show(Current topics)IX TO XII
19.8.2019Importance of play and exercisesNursery B
20.8.2019Believe in karma “What goes around ,comes around”XI-A, V-A, VI-B
23.8.2019Salad decoration(Group)I TO V
23.8.2019Skit competition(Eng.)on social topic(I/H)VI TO VIII
26.8.2019Krishna the real super heroNursery A
27.8.2019World sports day/Team spiritVII-A,VII-B,IV-A,XI-B
30.8.2019Card making(Teachers day)I TO V
30.8.2019Logo designing with waste(Group)VI TO VIII
DateSEPTEMBER EventsGrade
2.9.2019Traffic Rules and SignalsKG-A
3.9.2019Teachers day “Teachers our torch bearers”I-A,II-A,VIII-A,IX-B
6.9.2019Story telling(Indi)I TO V
6.9.2019Fusion Dance(I/H)VI TO VIII
9.9.2019Awareness for Road SafetyKG-B
13.9.2019Rhythmic Drill CompetitionI TO V
13.9.2019Trash to treasure(Group)VI TO VIII
16.9.2019Do not talk to the strangersNursery A
23.9.2019Grand Parents are a blessingNursery B
30.9.2019Respect your Elders; Gandhi: The Father of NationKG-A
30.9.2019Ram Katha, Virtue of oodnessKG-B
DateOCTOBER EventsGrade
1.10.2019(Monday) Gandhi Jayanti/DussheraAll Grades
4.10.2019English Creative Writing (Indi)I TO V
4.10.2019File folder making(Indi)VI TO VIII
11.10.2019Trash to treasure (Indi)I TO V
11.10.2019Walk the ramp(best out of waste)(I/H)VI TO VIII
14.10.2019Different Festivals and their festivitiesNursery A
15.10.2019Core Value(learning through innovation)XI-C,V-B,VIII-A
18.10.2019Diwali decoration(Crafts activity)I TO V
18.10.2019Diwali decoration(Crafts activity)VI TO VIII
21.10.2019Victory of Good over evil; Festivities related to Diwali; Say No to CrackersNursery B
22.10.2019Diwali celebrationsAll Grades
25.10.2019Halloween mask making(Group)I TO V
25.10.2019Halloween mask making(Indi)VI TO VIII
DateNOVEMBER EventsGrade
1.11.2019Puppet making(Indi)I TO V
1.11.2019Folk Dance Competition(I/H)VI TO VIII
4.11.2019Importance of trees and plantsKG-A
5.11.2019Guru Nanak JayantiVII-A,B, VIII-A
8.11.2019File folder decoration(Indi)I TO V
8.11.2019Brochure making(Indi)VI TO VIII
11.11.2019Say No to Plastic bags; Festivities related to Eid / Guru Nanak DevKG-B
15.11.2019Taekwondo (I/H)I TO V
15.11.2019Word power competition(Group)VI TO VIII
18.11.2019Facilitators of our societyNursery A
19.11.2019Discover yourselfXI-A,B, IV-A
22.11.2019Vegetable Printing(Group)I TO V
22.11.2019Ad mad(I/H)VI TO VIII
25.11.2019Know your facilitatorsNursery B
26.11.2019Constitution dayIX-A,V-B,VI-B
29.11.2019Swatchta abhiyan (Activity)I TO V
29.11.2019Swatchta abhiyan (Activity)VI TO VIII
DateDECEMBER EventsGrade
2.12.2019Different Seasons & different weather conditionsKG-A
3.12.2019International day of disabled persons/                Indian Navy DayXI-A,I-A,XI-C,II-A
6.12.2019Skit on Health is wealth(I/H)I TO V
6.12.2019PPT(Safety on roads)(Group)VI TO VIII
9.12.2019Keep yourself safe and healthyKG-B
10.12.2019Joy of musicV-B,VII-B
13.12.2019Innovative Music Competition (I/H)I TO V
13.12.2019Vedic Math Quiz(I/H)VI TO VIII
16.12.2019Beautiful Nature is a God’s giftNursery A
17.12.2019Core Value(Adulation and Laurels)VIII-A,VI-A,XI-A
20.12.2019Gift wrapping (Indi)I TO V
20.12.2019Christmas decoration(Activity)VI TO VIII
23.12.2019Christmas Celebrations; Joy of sharingNursery B
27.12.2019Ikebana(Group)I TO V
27.12.2019My View- Issues related to media (Portray)VI TO VIII