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DateJanuary EventsGrade
9.1.2020Ushering the New yearKG-A
10.1.2020Paper bag making(Indi)I TO V
10.1.2020Paper bag making(Indi)VI TO VIII
13.1.2020Celestial bodiesKG-B
20.1.2020Our Beautiful Planet- EarthNursery A
22.1.2020Republic day deco. ActivityI TO V
22.1.2020Republic day deco. ActivityVI TO VIII
24.1.2020Tiranga- My pride, My identity; Tribute to the father of the NationKG-A
World around meNursery B
24.1.2020Republic Day CelebrationAll Grades
27.1.2020Welcoming Spring; Festivities related to Basant PanchamiKG-B
28.1.2020Morale and CamaraderieVII-B, XI-A,II-A
31.1.2020Spin a yarn(Indi)I TO V
31.1.2020Aryabhatta Quiz(I/H)VI TO VIII

DateFeb EventsGrade
3.2.2020Be kind to your environment; Be kind to AnimalsNursery A
4.2.2020Core values(Lineage and Annexe)VI-A,B, VII-A,B
7.2.2020Recitation (Eng. .poem)(I/H)I TO V
7.2.2020T-Shirt Painting(Group)VI TO VIII
10.2.2020Flora & faunaNursery B
11.2.2020Power of positive thinkingV-A,VIII-A,B
14.2.2020Best out of waste(Group)I TO V
14.2.2020Nukkad Natak(I/H)VI TO VIII
17.2.2020Verbal and non- verbal communications; Impact of Television and gadgetsKG-A
18.2.2020Global warmingVII A,V-B, IV-A
24.2.2020Books are our best friendsNursery B
25.2.2020Believe in yourself/Hard work beats talentII-A,VII B
28.2.2020Hindi Recitation(Indi)I TO V
28.2.2020Science QuizVI TO VIII

DateMarch EventsGrade
2.3.2020Annual Exam(V),(IX,XI)
3.3.2020Annual Exam(V)
4.3.2020Annual Exam / Assessments Ends (Nur-II)(IV-VIII),(IX,XI) / (Nur-II)
6.3.2020Annual Exam / Assessments Ends(IV-VIII),(IX,XI) / (Grade III)
6.3.2020Annual Exam / Assessments Ends(IV-VIII),(IX,XI) / (Grade III)
11.3.2020Annual Exam(IX,XI) / Annual Exam (IV-VIII)
13.3.2020Annual Exam(IX,XI) / Annual Exam (IV-VIII)
16.3.2020Annual Exam / Bridge the Gap(IV-VIII) / (Nur-III)
17.3.2020Bridge the Gap(Nur-III)
18.3.2020Annual Exam / Bridge the Gap(IV-VIII) / (Nur-III)
19.3.2020Bridge the Gap(Nur-III)
20.3.2020Annual Exam / Bridge the Gap(IV-VIII) / (Nur-III)
21.3.2020Result Declaration: Pass

(IX, XI)

22.3.2020Graduation CeremonyAll
23.3.2020New Session begins / Bridge the Gap (Nur-III)(X, XII) / (Nur-III)
24.3.2020Bridge the Gap(Nur-III)
25.3.2020New Parents Orientation / Bridge the Gap(Primary) / (Nur-III)
26.3.2020Bridge the Gap(Nur-III)
27.3.2020Parents Orientation / Bridge the Gap(Middle & Senior) / (Nur-III)
28.3.2020Result Declaration: (Nursery-VIII) / Orientation (Pre-Primary)(Nursery-VIII) / (Pre-Primary)

DateApril EventsGrade
1.4.2020Assembly: Meghalaya Day Celebration(XII-A,C)
2.4.2020Ram NavamiAll
3.4.2020New Session begins (I- IX) / Welcome Assembly (By Teachers)(I- IX)
6.4.2020Mahavir Jayanti(IV-VIII),(IX,XI) / (Grade III)
7.4.2020New Session begins, Welcome Assembly / Assembly: World Health Day(Grades Nur to KG) / (X-A, XII-B)
8.4.2020I-V:Finger Puppet Making (IC) / VI-VIII:Extempore (CA) / IX, XI:Hindi Debate (CA) / X, XII:Indian Constutition Quiz (IH)I-V / VI-VIII / IX, XI / X, XII
9.4.2020Assembly: Dr. Ambedkar & India’s Constitution(All Grades)
10.4.2020Good FridayAll
14.4.2020Ambedkar JayantiAll
15.4.2020New Session begins / Welcome Assembly(XI)
16.4.2020Assembly: Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat(VIIIA,B, X B)
17.4.2020I-V: I Found! (CA) / VI-VIII: Skit:Global / Warming(CA) / IX, XI: Literary Quiz (IH) / X, XII: Design Challenge (IC)


21.4.2020Assembly: Earthday(VA,VIA)
23.4.2020Assembly: World Book Day(IXA,B)
24.4.2020I-V:Folk Solo Dance (CA) / VI-VIII:Environment Quiz (IH) / IX, XI:Play Writing (IC) X, XII: My Video Report (CA)


25.4.2020PTM (Nur-XII) / PE (Nur-XII)(Nur-XII)
27.4.2020Assembly(Nur-KG) / Intervention-1 (I-V)(Nur-KG) / (I-V)
28.4.2020Assembly: Int. Dance Day(IIIA,B, IVA)
30.4.2020Assembly: Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat(VIB,VIIA, B)

DateMay EventsGrade
1.5.2020I-V: Spellathon (IH) / VI-VIII: Book Review Writing(IC) / IX, XI: My Video Report (CA) / X, XII: English Debate (CA)I-V / VI-VIII / IX, XI / X, XII
4.5.2020Assembly(Nur-KG) / Intervention-1 (I-V)(Nur-KG) / (I-V)
5.5.2020Assembly: Mother’s Day(I A, B, II A, B)
6.5.2020Assessment-1 (I-V)(I-V)
7.5.2020Budh Purnima(All Grades)
8.5.2020I-V: Book Mark Making (CA) / VI-VIII: Group Song: Western(CA) / IX, XI: 3D Painting Making(CA) / X, XII: My Start-up(CA)I-V / VI-VIII / IX, XI / X, XII
9.5.2020Summer Camp-Orientation(All Grades)
15.5.2020IX, XI: English Debate (CA) / X, XII: Literary Quiz (IH)IX, XI / X, XII
16.5.2020Summer Break Begins (Grades Nur – VIII) / Re-enforcement Classes start (IX –XII)VIII / (IX –XII)
18.5.2020Summer Camp Begins Re-enforcement Classes start(IX –XII)
21.5.2020PA-1IX, X, XII
22.5.2020PA-1PA-1 , IX, X, XII
25.5.2020ID-UL-FITR(All Grades)
26.5.2020PA-1IX, X, XII
27.5.2020PA-1IX, X, XII
28.5.2020PA-1IX, X, XII
29.5.2020PA-1IX, X, XII
30.5.2020Summer Break Begins (IX –XII)
25.4.2020PTM (Nur-XII) / PE (Nur-XII)(Nur-XII)
27.4.2020Assembly(Nur-KG) / Intervention-1 (I-V)(Nur-KG) / (I-V)
28.4.2020Assembly: Int. Dance Day(IIIA,B, IVA)
30.4.2020Assembly: Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat(VIB,VIIA, B)