Everyday Parenting Tips (Contd.)

Tip 16

Develop a holiday library with books about your traditions as well as those of others. Talk about the things you celebrate and why they are important in your family.

Tip 17

Include your children when you spend time with your friends.

Tip 18

Ask holiday party invitees to bring food to donate to a shelter. This will be a great way to show your children that the holiday season is also about helping others.

Tip 19

Talk about the wonders of life with your kids. If your child enjoys a video game, a certain musical instrument, or playing a certain sport, talk about how great it is that someone invented it.

Tip 20

Whenever your child notices that someone is upset and wants to help, encourage him or her to act on that impulse. Afterward, talk about how pleased you are with your child for being so caring.

Tip 21

Kids learn a lot about honesty from the way you act. Work on being honest yet tactful and respectful to others.

Tip 22

Develop the habit for thanksgiving by naming a person and then thanking him or her for the act of helping you when you needed it the most in the past year.  Your kids may surprise you: some really enjoy annual traditions while others get bored with them.

Tip 23 Model sincere appreciation. Kids notice when you have an attitude of gratitude—and when you don’t.

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