Everyday Parenting Tips (Contd.)

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.       -Anonymous

Tip 6

Do something active together as part of celebrating holidays when you have time off from work, school, or other commitments. You can have a game of touch football, a trip or for that matter a dancesession in the living room.

Tip 7

Put your child in charge of entertainment, when you gather with family and friends for a holiday meal. 

Tip 8

Encourage your children to get to know the people in your neighbourhood, congregation, workplace, or community. 

Tip 9

Share the happiest holiday memories from childhoodmoments with your kids: briefly describe the scene, explain how you felt and even share a photo of yourself at that age.

Tip 10

Discuss as a family, theorganizations you will support as CSR activities. Also include the days of your holidays that you intend to spend with your children in those community service activities.

Tip 11

Kids can become so engrossed in getting gifts that they miss out on giving to others. Emphasize the giving aspect of the same while on holidays with your family.

Tip 12

Speak up when you see other adults not listening to young people or not considering young people’s needs.

Tip 13

 Talk to your kids about what to do when they receive a present they dislike. Share your views with them and explain to them with honesty that every gift they get may not be their favourite.

 Tip 14

 As much as possible, continue traditions started when your children were younger. 

Tip 15 Ask all the significant adults inthe lives of your children to give gifts of time or activities such as a trip to a park, an afternoon of baking, or a visit to a museum etc. rather than material goods.

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