Everyday Parenting Tips

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.       -Anonymous

The little actions you take every day add up, helping kids grow to be confident and responsible. Most often, parents deal with daily challenges like helping to resolve sibling conflicts and providing proper nutrition for a picky eater. Parenting is an adventure filled with highs and lows, and many questions along the way. 

Everyday steps are the little things you can do as a parent, every day. These little steps add up to successful kids in the long run. The little things you do—every day—add up!

Tip 1

Make sure your kids see you enjoying reading each day. Curl up with a good book, flip through a magazine, read the newspaper, pour over the mail. Excitedly share information you’ve learned and say out loud how much you love what you’re reading!

Tip 2 

If the kids are bored, plan a visit to grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends. Visiting someone else often brightens everyone’s day—including your kids.

Tip 3

Help your child get more detailing in his or her holiday thank you cards, with sentences that describe the gift, when and where your child opened it or played with it, and why he or she likes it so much.

Tip 4

Play the ABC’s of Gratitude! Challenge your kids to list the people, places, and things they’re most grateful for until they have a word for every letter in the alphabet.

Tip 5

 Be sure to learn your kids’ friends’ names and then ask them what they like to be called. Also be sure to let young people know how you would like to be addressed. Sometimes relationships don’t start just because people don’t know how to refer to one another.

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