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The faculty at ASPAM is widely experienced. Regular Professional Development programmes are undertaken to keep the teachers at par with the international standards. Besides training by CBSE empanelled agencies QEA (Quality Education Asia), frequent need based In-house training are also undertaken.

Teacher Engagement (2019-2020) 
S. No. Topics Dates
1 Blooms taxonomy and brief of lesson planning 12.04.2019
2 Equipping mentors for classroom assessment 15.4.2019
3 Code of conduct 06.05.2019
4 Reflective session 10.05.2019
5 Art of questioning 08..07.2019
6 Effective engaging and classroom strategies 12.07.2019
7  Power of yes 15.07.2019
8 Reflective sesssion 27.7.2019
9 Diagnosis and remediation of SEN 05.08.2019
10 Introduction to differential learning 19.08.2019
11 Effective use of art ,clay ,colours and sand for effective learning 30.08.2019
12 Relective session 09.09.2019
13 Art of healing 30.09.2019
14 Mind Map Technique 14.10.2019
15 Self reflective technique 21.10.2019
16 Active learning(positive behaviour support) 04.11.2019
17 Language development in early childhood 15.11.2019
18 Brain based learning and study skills 22.11.2019
19 Reflective session 09.12.2019
20 Using story telling/doing in learning 13.12.2019

Staff Details

S No Designation Name Educational Qualification Wing
1 PGT Poonam Sharma M.A., B.Ed. Head Senior
2 PGT Amlendu Kumar Dwivedi M.Sc., B.Ed Senior Secondary School Teacher
3 PGT Mohd. Javed Saifi M.A., B.Ed Senior Secondary School Teacher
4 PGT Raisa Tabinda M.A., B.Ed, DCA & DTP Senior Secondary School Teacher
5 PGT Vinay Garg M.Com, B.Ed., MA Senior Secondary School Teacher
6 PGT Nisha Singh M.Com, M.A., (Edu)B.Ed, ICWA (INTER) Senior Secondary School Teacher
7 PGT Anuj Kotnala M.P.Ed Physical Education  Teacher
8 PGT Arzoo M.Sc, B.Ed, NET-JRF PASSED Senior Secondary School Teacher
9 PGT Sheba Caswell M.A., B.Ed. Senior Secondary School Teacher
10 PGT Rashmi Pant M.A., B.Ed Senior Secondary School Teacher
11 PGT Sanjay Kumar M.Sc., B.Ed. Senior Secondary School Teacher
12 PGT Seema Sinha M.A., B.Ed Senior Secondary School Teacher
13 PGT Arti Gaur M.Com., B.Ed Senior Secondary School Teacher
14 TGT Ashita Srivastava B.A., PGDCA. Secondary School Teacher
15 TGT Kiran Singh M.Sc, B.Ed Secondary School Teacher
16 TGT Anju Zutshi B.A., B.Ed Secondary School Teacher
17 TGT Meenakshi Sarkar M.A, B.Ed Secondary School Teacher
18 TGT Priti Singh M.Sc, B.Ed Secondary School Teacher
19 TGT Aman  Kanta Sharma M.Sc, B.Ed Secondary School Teacher
20 TGT Deepali Bhan M.Sc, B.Ed Middle  School Teacher
21 TGT Abdul Wahid Rajput B.Sc, B.Ed Middle School Teacher
22 TGT Mona Vishnoi M.A., B.Ed Middle  School Teacher
23 TGT Neerja Johri LLB., B.Ed., M.Ed, P.HD (EDU) Secondary School Teacher
24 TGT Sweety Subudhi M.A., B.Ed Secondary School Teacher
25 TGTs Geetanjali Magu B.Com, M.Sc (IT), B.Ed Middle  School Teacher
26 TGT Devesh Singh M.P.Ed., B.A., Physical Education Instructor
27 PRT Neerja Tyagi M.Com,  B.Ed Primary  School Teacher
28 PRT Rachna Arora B.Sc, M.A., (Edu),  B.Ed Primary  School Teacher
29 PRT Neelam Rawat B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed, B.T.C, CTET Primary  School Teacher
30 PRT Shipra Rastogi M.A., B.Ed Primary  School Teacher
31 PRT Tiwankle Kumar B.A., Primary  School Teacher
32 PRT Sonam Marwah M.A (Psych) Primary  School Teacher
33 PRT Mili Nigam M.B.A., B.Ed (Pursuing) Primary  School Teacher
34 PRT Shweta Sharma M.Com., B.Ed., Primary  School Teacher
35 NTT Monica Nayar B.COM (HONS), NTT Primary  School Teacher
36 TGT Vijay Prakash Sharma B.Tech., Gandharv Mahavidyala Secondary School Teacher
37 PRT Suhani Sharma B.A., B.Ed Primary  School Teacher
38 PRT Neha Goel M.Com., PGDBA – Finance, B.Ed., Dip in German Primary  School Teacher
39 PRT Alpana Chauhan B.Sc., MA(Eco), Pursuing B.Ed Primary  School Teacher
40 NTT Ms. Y.  Sharon Amanna NTT Preprimary School Teacher
41 NTT Swati Bisht BA Eng., NPTT Preprimary School Teacher
42 NTT Manu Shah B.A.,B.Ed Assistant Teacher
43 NTT Pooja Sharma BBA., NPTT Assistant Teacher
44 NTT Ms. Shuchita Sharma B.Com, LLB, Company Secretary, DECE Pre-Primary Teacher – KG
45 TGT Manoj Kumar MA, M.L.I.Sc, BSC Librarian
46 TGT Sahil B. Tech (Mech), B.Ed Math
47 PRT Ms. Shikha Sharma B.Tech, M.Tech PRT – Comp & Robotics