How To Make Your Child A Winner

The first trait we need to develop in our children is not to let the feeling of awe overcome them even when confronted with a person of exceptional stature. What one person has achieved can not only be equalled but also bettered if persisted with determination by them. The only thing they have to learn is to be able to draw a line between disrespect and being at ease in the presence of elders or
authority-figures. They would do well to respect authority but not fear it. There are rules, as in any
game, to be observed in the arena of life. So, let the children learn to play the game well.

To achieve this, children should be exposed to varied experience from early life. They should meet/read about eminent and successful people to be able to realize that there is nothing so great about someone, which is not within their reach. They will then be able to actualize their dreams. In addition to encouraging them to acquire knowledge from anywhere, including reading of books, they should be taken to places of interest to give them an idea of the physical world. Thus knowledge gives confidence and adds to the personality of the child.

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