Mission and Vision

At ASPAM, it is our constant endeavour to hone the talent of each child. We believe that every child is unique as no two fingers are same, in the same way no two students can have the same attributes. Some may be good at reasoning, drawing, other at speaking, another may be good in sports. So at ASPAM Scottish we make it our responsibility that every child in ASPAM is trained and nurtured as per his/her inherent talent and willingness to excel in his/her chosen area with support and guidance.

The vision of ASPAM Scottish is to give to its students’ facilities, pedagogical practices, curriculum, hands on, clubs, activities, events, sports facilities, CSR activities that enhances connect between the Students and the School.

With the plethora of activities and curriculum in sync for the students, they feel school is a place for them to enjoy and they never ever miss even a day at school. They believe it is a happy school as it caters to their holistic development of body, mind and soul.

Their body is nurtured through the morning drills, yoga and games periods, mind is nurtured through analytical approach to studies –Open door, Odyssey of the mind, NIIT guru for Math & Science, Extramarks digital modules and soul is nurtured through School cinema that fosters students’ moral values and ethics for leading a virtuous life.

Skill development programme of Aspam Scottish School is a pioneering dexterity inculcation initiative of the school that is in sync with the modern international erudition philosophy. Aspamians can become skilled in carpentry, pottery, photography, culinary, fashion designing, mobile repairs, landscape designing, book keeping, tally and basic office automation through numerous proficiency skills that can be undertaken by them.

Thus the School empowers its students to become world ready citizens through amalgamation of mind, body and soul with skill deftness.