Parenting Tips

Tips on Personality Development of the Child

Dear Parent(s)  15th Mar 19

• Do not scold child all the time for minor failures.
• Do not trouble the child constantly.
• Frequent use of bitter or harsh remarks should be avoided.
• Avoid the practice of preferring one child over the other and thereby neglecting the other.
• Do not belittle or disparage the child.
• Avoid prolonged separation of the child.
• Constant friction with the child or between the parents should not be expressed in front of the child.
• Never discourage the child.
• Do not praise your child always.
• Excessive discipline is also harmful.
• Repetitive or severe punishment should be avoided. The child should be given a change to rectify itself and punishment should be the last resort.
• Parents should not be over-ambitious regarding their children and they should not set goals for a child that is not in harmony with his intellectual endowment, capabilities, achievements and interests. This also puts a breach in the proper development of the child’s personality.

Appeasement does not have long-term effect

Dear Parent(s)  8th Mar 19

In order to keep the daily routine hassle-free, parents tend to please children. However, explicit pacification of the children and bowing to all their demands has only short-term gains.
In the process, children tend to lose respect for their parents. They start to look upon their parents as mere appeaser and need fulfiller. The parents themselves should not enter into a popularity contest as fulfilling all the demands of the children in no way implies that you love your child more than anyone else.
As the appeasement policy does not pay in the long run, therefore, the parents must develop the fearlessness of calling a spade a spade.


Dear Parent(s)  1st Mar 19

Affection can be defined as a gentle feeling of fondness or liking and it broadly includes loving, caring and tender emotional state. A child needs all these for the first from its parents then as he/she joins school the same feelings are expected from the teachers.