CBSE has issued guidelines for implementation of POSCO Act, 2012 wherein it is mandatory for all CBSE affiliated schools to report instances under Sections 19(I) and 21 of the Act.

All children have an equal right to access education in an environment that is safe, protective and conducive to overall development. Challenges like gender inequality, verbal assaults and sexual abuse in schools calls for increased awareness and creating synergy among parents, teachers and schools. Moreover the schools have to create increased awareness of teachers, management and all employees of institutions about the provisions of the POCSO Act. The schools have also been directed to take steps such as in-house teacher induction sessions for gender sensitisation, promotion of harmonious school and classroom environment and inclusiveness, guidance and counselling facilities, self- defence training to girls, formation of complaint committees and provision of complaints boxes

At ASPAM some measures from the circular are already in place in schools, like CCTV cameras, complaint committees and boxes, counselling facilities, etc. All these guidelines have been taken to confirm targeted efforts and conscious attempts to ensure that CBSE compliances are followed in spirit.

The Committee is constituted for a period of Two years. The members of the POSCO committee are-

  • –  Chairperson
  • –  Member
  •  –  Member Secretary
  •  –  Member
  •  – Member
  • –  Member
  • – Member (Student & Head Girl of the School)
  • – Member (Student & Head Boy of the School)
  •  – Principal, Gyan Jyoti School