Principal’s Message

‘There are only lasting bequests that we can give to our children, one is roots and the other is wings’

I believe that education should empower a child and equip him with 21st century skills. The happy learning school environment will develop mind, body and soul and transform students into thinking children as the children of today cannot be confined within 4 walls of the classrooms. They need to explore, get hands on experience and learn through innovations to become responsible world citizens.
Now the question that arises is what kind of education can make our children humane, empathetic, virtuous, humble, confident, buoyant, resilient and thinking individuals.

The answer lies in providing the right kind of environment including the state of the art infrastructure, care and support, dedicated trained staff and wholesome participation of students in extensive range of curricular and extra-curricular activities and Aspam with all the prerequisite for a happy schooling environment is unswervingly committed to preparing students having stronger mind- body- soul and skill development.

The labs- Robotics, Astronomy, Science, Social Science, Linguistics, Mathematics,3D and Electronics instill wonder, curiosity and spontaneous delight in the students as they get the thrill of hands on experience. Age appropriate pedagogical practices across all grades make learning a lifelong understanding. In their quest for knowledge students are helped by facilitators who develop in them the art of questioning, ignite their curiosity and put them in thinking modes.Beyond curricular activities in dance, music, theatre, annual days, exhibitions, carnivals, leadership programmes and sports enable our students to be righteous and earnest learners both inside and outside the classroom.

The mission of Aspam Scottish School is to nurture each student’s talent and with this task we inculcate in our students dexterity of being a universal didactic community of diligent individuals having developed logical and artistic perception capable of handling predicaments with panache.
Our core values- Universal Leadership, Global Vistas, Lineage and Annexe, Learning through Innovations & Adulations and Laurels are the benchmarks for our students. These core values will help Aspamians develop global philosophical dispositions, self-awareness, sensitivity, humility and lifelong curiosity. They are trained to deviate and go beyond but within the realms of justifiable bounds, build a sustainable, peaceful, inclusive world for the future effective citizens of the world, reflect, improvise and innovate on doing and acquire diligent resoluteness to become future ready global citizens for whom sky is the only limit.
Our sustained efforts will guide our students discover their individual talent and move forward in pursuit of excellence with honesty, character, integrity, faith, loyalty dedication, hard work , unremitting devotion and most importantly doing what’s right, the right way, at the right time.
So let’s keep our tireless efforts continued and help Aspamians rise, sparkle and conquer glorious path of success and accomplishments.
God bless us all!!