Student Council

Student Council

Student Council is selected for a period of one year i.e. one academic session. Student Council has 50 members who are headed by the Directors of the Student Council, Head boy and the Head girl. The students of grades IX to XII are eligible for the coveted posts of the student council. The posts of Junior Head girl, Junior Head boy and Budding Leaders are open to the students of grades V and I respectively. The Student Council abides by the School Constitution that they themselves have framed.
The members of Student Council have numerous roles assigned to them. They act as a bridge between school authorities and pupils. They are also tasked with the responsibility of organizing activities in collaboration with teachers and maintain order in the school. This helps in assisting to create a better learning environment at school.
The council members are expected to be role models to their fellow pupils. They are supposed to lead by example in many ways be it being dressed appropriately at all times, observing school rules and being regular and punctual at school. They are also expected to report for their duties promptly. They are supposed to be cooperative, helpful, well- mannered, trustworthy and responsible towards their fellow pupils.


S.No. Post Name of the Student Class & Sec


Director- Boy Chinmaya Naithani XII A

Director-Girl Yalnaz XII B


Head Boy Noor Mohammad XI A

Head Girl Ridhima Monga XI A


Jr.Head Boy Raghav V A

Jr.Head Girl Ayesha Alam V B


Budding Leader Samidh Saxena I

Budding Leader Aradhya I

Budding Leader Sahil I

Budding Leader Adiba I


Discipline Prefect Abhay Tiwari XII C

Discipline Prefect Ankit XI A

Prefect Mohd. Kaif XI C

Prefect Kasak IX A


Environment Prefect Mohammad Rayyan Saif XII C

Environment Prefect Nisha Parveen XI B

Prefect Isha Pal IX B

Prefect Maira IX B


Cultural Prefect Shreshth XI A

Cultural Prefect Harshvardhan XI C

Prefect Aman XI C

Prefect Imtiyaz XI C


Social Service Prefect Sahil XI A

Social Service Prefect Amishi IX A

Prefect Rahul Singh Chauhan IX B


Music Prefect Aarish XI A

Music Prefect Tanisha IX B

Prefect Tejaswini IX B

Prefect Priya Kumari IX A


MI Prefect Honey Kumari XII C

MI Prefect Ishu XI B

Prefect Asklesha IX A


Sports Prefect Yatharth XI C

Sports Prefect Mohit XI C

Prefect Shivam Gupta IX A

Prefect Fuwad Mohammad IX A


Literary Prefect Shreya XII A

Literary Prefect Afzal XI A

Prefect Akshyat Kothari VA

Prefect Zoha Hassan VA

Prefect Zoya Chauhan IXB

Prefect Alveera Fatima IX B


Sr. House  Prefect (King) Devika XI A

Sr.House Prefect (Queen) Ayesha Razi XI A

Sr. House Prefect (Bishop) Ayush Anand XI A

Sr. House Perfect (Castle) Falguni Dey XI B

Mentor  (King) Neha Singh IX A

Mentor (Queen) Pratham IX A

Mentor (Bishop) Javed IX B

Mentor (Castle) Muskan IX B