Streams Offered In Class XI

Streams offered in Class XI

The internal students will be allocated the subjects / Streams according to the criteria designed on the basic of the marks obtained in class X. Mid Term and Pre Board conducted by the school. Streams/ subjects allocated will be provisional till the final result of Board Exam is declared. Final decision regarding allocation of stream / subjects will be on the basic of the result. The subjects offered by the school under various streams are as follow :-

Science Commerce Humanities
English (Core) English (Core) English (Core)
Physics Business Studies History
Chemistry Economics Economics
Biology / Maths (Any one) Accountancy Political Science
Optional Subject: Physical Education / C.Sc. / Commercial Art / Entrepreneurship (Any one) Optional Subject: Math / Physical Education / I.P. / Entrepreneurship (Any one) Optional Subject: Physical Education / I.P. / Commercial Art / Entrepreneurship (Any one)