The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. -Dalai Lama

Appreciation gives a child a sense of right and wrong. The minute you praise your child for something he has done, he understands that you would like him to do it again. In addition, your child realizes that his actions are being observed. And as children crave for love and attention, they will strive to earn your praise again and again.   

The 60 ways/ideas to appreciate a child

  1. That’s super
  2. Spot on
  3. I like it
  4. Super stuff
  5. Really great
  6. What a good try
  7. Brilliant
  8. Clever (boy/girl)
  9. I’m impressed
  10. What a brainwave
  11. You do work well
  12. Very imaginative
  13. Nice try
  14. That’s good work
  15. Superb
  16. Well remembered
  17. Good logic
  18. Excellent work
  19. Good thinking
  20. You’re a star
  21. You are doing well
  22. Great try
  23. Quick thinking
  24. Well done
  25. Well figured out
  26.  I like that
  27. Congratulations
  28. You are doing great
  29.  You’ve done really well
  30. Keep on trying
  31. You show real promise
  32. You have great ideas
  33.  You’ve mastered it
  34. Well thought out
  35. You’ve fitted a lot in
  36. How imaginative you are
  37. Good problem solving
  38. What a perfect example
  39. Well worked through
  40.  I’m very proud of you
  41. I’m proud of your work
  42. You are really tuned into work today
  43. It’s a pleasure to see you work like that
  44.  One more attempt and you will be there
  45. Your work is improving
  46. You are a pleasure to teach
  47. Beautiful job
  48. That’s good thinking
  49. A very good try
  50. You learn quickly
  51. You’ve got the hang of it
  52.  You’ve done better than ever
  53. That’s a fine attempt
  54. You’re a problem solver
  55. I couldn’t have done better myself
  56. You soon mastered that
  57. You really stuck with it
  58. You don’t give up
  59. You’ve that down to a fine art
  60. Amazing work

Appreciation prevents your child from feeling neglected. We as parents should realize that children really want and require their parents’ attention. Appreciation is a way of giving your child that attention. If he doesn’t get it in this way, you can be sure that your child will feel neglected and will find other ways to get your attention – ways that you may definitely not approve of! So make sure you appreciate your child and be vocal about it.

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