Trips /Tours/ Camps

Trips /Tours/ Camps

There are many qualities, habits, attitudes and skills that need to be developed in students to make them adapt to today’s complex and fast-changing world. They need to be independent, open minded, develop long term relationships, to take care of themselves, become good decision-makers, have the right self-discipline, take measured risks, overcome their fears, be adaptable to new conditions and environments and can take up challenges and risks with confidence and enthusiasm.

With the sole purpose of inculcating the above said attributes, trips and tours are organised at ASPAM .They are both educational as well as fun because these tours/trips are de-stressing and far away from the everyday and routine life of the students.

Educational school trips/tours

Educational school trips/tours are undertaken with the purpose of taking the students out of the classroom to absorb, interact, be immersed in history, and obtain practical learning information within the brain. Moreover students have the opportunity to see new things and learn about them in a more unstructured way as their learning will be interest driven. They will experience a more holistic, integrated picture of the information that, in the classroom, may have only been presented in a textual and abstract way. Visit to museums, a bio diversity park, visit to place having historical relevance and many other kinds of field trips are multi-media experiences where learning is enriched and reinforced with superimposing sensory and intellectual inputs.

Out station Trips/Tours

The outstation trips/tours give an opportunity to the students to have fun, unwind, develop leadership skills, self- confidence, independence and lasting memories of good times spent together with friends, peers and teachers.


Camps can be termed as leadership camps which help students develop the qualities that make them a true leader. The students move out of their comfort zones and give themselves an environment where they are made to respond to the challenges that in turn develop their personal leadership skills. They work with each other; develop empathy, understanding of the perspectives of others besides having a lot of fun.