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Top Schools in Noida (ASPAM Scottish School), a CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School in Sector 62, Noida is an education initiative of ASPAM Academy, Noida and has been founded on the principle that ‘every child is unique’.Top 10 Schools in Noida Top Schools in Noida

The initiative to create this institution in India goes to the G P Global Group under the leadership of Mr. Ashok Goel, Founder, GP Global and Mr Sudhir Goyel Co-founder & Chairman, GP Global who envisioned providing global excellence in education to the children in India.

ASPAM Education Group stands for education that will empower its students by equipping them with 21st century skills to become decision-makers, ingenious, cogent, pragmatic, empathetic, responsible and virtuous world citizens. Moreover, the state of the infrastructure at ASPAM makes learning a joyful experience.

We are one of the Top Schools in Noida that has opted for NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework) the latest CBSE Skill development initiative by offering Vocational Courses in grade X from the session 2019-20 onwards. Thus, our Skill Development program is a pioneering dexterity inculcation initiative that is in sync with the modern international erudition tenets.


Our Philosophy

‘Educate to Empower’ aptly sums up the purpose of education of ASPAM Education Group. Our motto ‘Educate to Empower’ inspires us to endow our students with future-ready skills, rational approach, ingenuity and will power to become successful young achievers.



To provide safe and a happy schooling environment for soul, mind, body and skill development.

To nurture each student’s talent…..

Since 'every child is unique' and have different attributes, it is our constant endeavour to hone the talent of each ASPAMian. The mission of ASPAM Fraternity is to provide a challenging environment, boundless opportunities thereby unlocking infinite potential in each student.


Core Values

The core values inculcated and imbibed in the students of ASPAM Scottish are-

    • Universal Leadership

Know the way, go the way, show the way and lead by example……

ASPAM's age appropriate curriculum and learning pedagogy at all levels instil in the young learners attributes of universal leadership by developing an understanding of multiple perspectives, taking responsibility and ownership of actions and cultivates global dispositions.

    • Lineage & Annexes

Where you're from & what you can become……

ASPAMians are given ample opportunities to grasp and imbibe virtues and values from our lineage and the newfound skills of intellectual enlightenment give them annexes to tread their preferred arenas.

    • Global Vistas

Training to think beyond borders……

Global vistas vests in our ASPAM fraternity global competency in attitudes, knowledge, empathy and skills are needed to thrive in today’s unified world. Our instructional practices make the young ASPAMians aware of the world, teach them respect and value diversities.

    • Learning through Innovations

Exploring the genius within…

Hands-on learning, involvement, explorations and improvisations make education a joyful practise for ASPAMians.

    • Adulations & Laurels

Believe in your potential and live up to it……

The intrinsic potential of the student is identified, honed and mentored thus enabling ASPAMians to work with diligence and attain holistic excellence.


Principal’s Desk

‘There Are Two Lasting Bequests We Can Give Our Children: Roots and Wings’

I believe that education should empower a child and equip him with 21st century skills. The happy learning school environment will transform students into thinking children.
We are one of the Top 10 Schools in Noida. ASPAM provides all the pre-requisite for a happy schooling environment including the state-of-the-art infrastructure, care and support, dedicated trained staff and well-defined syllabus. ASPAM’s age appropriate pedagogical practices across all grades make students lifelong seekers.

The mission of ASPAM Scottish School is to nurture each student’s talent and our core values- Universal Leadership, Global Vistas, Lineage and Annexes, Learning through Innovations & Adulations and Laurels are the guiding principles to follow.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising Robotics, Astronomy, Science, Value, Linguistics, Mathematics, 3D and Electronics labs support ASPAMians in their quest for scholastic pursuits. These experiential learning labs instil inquisitiveness and spontaneous delight in the students as they the experience thrill of doing by self.

Our global curriculum grooms a child to imbibe employable skills of lifelong learning, adaptability, interpersonal sensitivity, problem-solving, and initiative. Each of these skills prepares young ASPAMian to be world-ready citizens.


Meenakshi Zarabi



Leadership Team

Leadership is an important aspect of the success of any organization and schools are no exceptions.

The Scottish leadership team leads by being the role models themselves. They provide guidance, boost morale, develop confidence and ensure a congenial work environment that leads to attaining sustainable growth.

Scottish Leadership is helmed by Mr. Ayush Goel, Director of ASPAM Education Group.

The key members of the Leadership Team are- Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Zarabi; Head Senior, Mrs. Poonam Sharma and Admin Head, Gen. B. Bhatt.

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Top Schools in Noida

Top Schools in Noida

Top Schools in Noida

Top 10 Schools in Noida

Top 10 Schools in Noida

Top 10 Schools in Noida