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Smart Classroom

All the classrooms of the school are smart classes having modules created by Extramarks. The digital connect makes classrooms interactive and engaging. The curriculum is integrated with the customised modules full with animations and videos designed to make learning a fun activity.

ASPAM Scottish has entered into scholastic partnership with Extramarks digital connect as this multimedia learning portal uses animations, videos and virtual labs to make learning easy, effective, and engaging. Moreover, Extramarks modules for Junior students are game based with thematic learning approach and for Seniors, it is hierarchical, layered and adaptive approach. LPT (Learn, Practice and Test) helps to create child centric teaching- learning environment in sync with our XSEED and CBSE curriculum.

Computer Lab

With the changing scenario of world becoming digitalized, ASPAM Scottish has recognized the necessity of imparting Computer education to each and every student – a pre-primary student or an X grader. Computer Science / Informatics Practice is taught as an optional subject for grades XI & XII.

ASPAM Scottish has envisaged that practical rather than theoretical knowledge must be imparted to the students. Each ASPAMian should be computer literate and must be aware about the benefits of using a various application such as Microsoft word, excel, power point, internet safety etc. Thus, the goal of providing technological education to our students is to make them better thinkers, creative and confident career oriented professionals.


Library of the school is aligned as per the school’s vision and learning goals. The library in ASPAM is constituted with the thought of enhancing student literacy, learning outcomes, enhance students achievements and serve as learning spaces for augmentation of knowledge.

An ASPAM e-Library is electronic form of accessing magazine articles, books, papers, images, sound files, and videos. With the introduction of e-Library in ASPAM, learning has assumed a new dimension as it has become active, interactive and meaningful learning experience transforming child’s motor skills, decision making, visual learning, cultural awareness, and academic performance.

Mathematics- NIIT Math Lab

ASPAM has tied up with NIIT Math Lab as its knowledge partner. It is done with the sole purpose of changing the way Mathematics is taught. NIIT Math Lab is a revolutionary approach towards student-centric explorative learning, takes Mathematics Hands-on, making the students learn the concepts in a fun and playful manner. The digital multimedia, colourful books, intriguing manipulative, interesting mathematical tools and charts make learning mathematics an immersive experience. The 3 I’s—Imagine, Investigate, Interact help the students to build curiosity around concepts and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, question the answers by framing hypothesis and testing it, allows peer-to-peer, collaborative learning by sharing knowledge. It follows a unique process of applying Math to everyday situations and practices through hands-on activities. Thus the lab helps in mental enhancement of Mathematical concepts like Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry etc.

Jr. Science Lab- Avishkaar

Science lab at ASPAM Scottish School, Noida is in collaboration with Avishkaar Box. It is one of the leading companies in India dealing with STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics) education. It is a unique and first of its kind Lab in India working on the principles of ‘Learning by tinkering’ and ‘Learning by doing’ in the school education going beyond ‘activity based learning’. ASPAM education philosophy ‘Educate to Empower’, believes in the same, therefore, we opted for Avishkaar’s Science Lab for students of grades IV to X. The lab covers the main concepts of Science as per CBSE curriculum along with activity manual for the students.

Language Lab (English )

ASPAM has collaborated with NIIT- English Lab. It will help in transforming language learning for ASPAMians by honing their oratory skills in particular. This new-age, hybrid learning solutions address pedagogical challenges specific to English learning in classrooms. The customized learning programme has innovative learning interface for learners with progressive learning modules that will assist in complimenting academic curriculum.

The following are the features of the English Lab-

  • Specialized features to facilitate ASL learning process
  • Removal of mother tongue influence using expert voice waveforms and recording
  • Focus on pronunciation and functional grammar through regular practice using specialized tools
  • Unmatched learning techniques to aid speedy comprehension
  • Technology enabled, personalized learning environment
  • Blended learning methodology with renewed focus on teacher’s role
  • Uniquely- designed comprehensive programme to build English proficiency- Spoken English, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • The course content has been developed keeping in mind the difficulties that the students generally face.
  • Topics such as accent, rhythm, intonation, consonants and vowels are dealt with separately and extensively. This is followed by an exercise. After listening to the pre-recorded voice, the student can record his/her own voice and compare the correctness of his/her pronunciation.
  • In the teacher module, the lessons can be need based or class specific. At the same time teacher can review, design a test and maintain a record of each student’s performance.

Art Room

"Art Washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. It is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment".

In keeping with the ethos of the international teaching pedagogies, we offer a rich and diverse array of opportunities through our state- of- the- art, well-equipped Art & Craft studio. The studio offers complete paraphernalia to develop the creative potential of students by working on various mediums like drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, deco patch, photography, videography, film-making and fabric designing etc.

Dance Room

Students at ASPAM learn their dance nuances in state of art spacious dance room with wooden flooring and wall to wall mirrors. It allows students freedom of movement, right perception of self-image and aesthetic appreciations while dancing. Exposure to various national and international dance forms help in unleashing the innate artist in every student.

Music Room

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed”

Music lessons at ASPAM provide experiential platforms for folk, western, classical, contemporary and fusion music for students. Be it Vocal or Instrumental Music, the ASPAMians are trained by professionals to pursue music as their hobby or vocation. The world class music studio is extensively utilized by the students to create their own symphonies.

School Theatre

The school theatre provides ample opportunities to the students to enhance qualities like self-expression, emotional stability, confidence, camaraderie, sensitivity. Their ability to empathize and emulate the varied scenarios helps to build their absorption, perception and responses in real life.

Yoga & Aerobics

At ASPAM, we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Yoga and aerobics exercises are undertaken to channelize the energies of the students. It is conducted with the preview of developing muscles, self-control, agility, co-ordination and holistic health.

Multipurpose hall

At ASPAM, the multipurpose hall is equipped with the latest amenities and state of the art technology. It has an important performance space where the students perform for an audience. The multipurpose hall is used--

  • To showcase skills of students through during exhibitions etc.
  • To improve room for students to hold group discussions and symposiums to enhance academic performance.
  • To create space for parents, students and staff during Orientation, interactions and other school events.
  • To enhance co-curricular activities like music, dance and drama among other indoor activities.
  • To improve student confidence by organizing inter class competitions.

GPS Enabled Transport

ASPAM Scottish believes that GPS enabled transport is real-time tracking system for smooth running of a successful school transportation system. This GPS tracking system provides the school a chance to respond to service calls quickly. Another feature of GPS enabled transport is to provide accurate arrival and departure time besides keeping accurate location of each and every vehicle in the fleet.

CCTV Surveillance

HousesASPAM is safe school compound as it is secured by CCTV (closed-circuit television) at all the strategic locations within and outside the school premises. The classrooms, labs, library, corridors, canteen, playground are monitored 24x7 for security purposes. CCTV surveillance enables the security personnel to an eye on the students regarding their behaviour and conduct in the school but is also keeps them safe from any potential threat and hence create a safe environment for them.

Splash Pool

Splash pool activity at ASPAM is for pre-primary level due to its childhood benefits of enhancing gross motor skill development and coordination. It also improves stamina, flexibility, strength and emotional health and well-being.

Swimming Pool construction in pipeline.

Play Ground

ASPAM play grounds are laid with age appropriate play equipment to create a sporty culture in the system. The appreciation of going by rules and camaraderie are natural outcomes of usage of play fields.

ASPAM play grounds are laid with age appropriate play equipment to create a sporty culture in the system. The appreciation of going by rules and camaraderie are natural outcomes of usage of play fields.

Medical Room

The lives and safety of our young ones are of utmost importance to us. Thus we have adequately equipped infirmaries or ‘medical rooms’ to tend to the children if and when necessary. ASPAM Scottish has ensured facilities that enable health support not only to the students but to our staff as well.

Standard guidelines are to be followed in respect to health and safety of ASPAMians.

The features ASPAM’s medical policy are-

  • A qualified nurse is always present at all times during the working hours of the school. Medical equipment such as beds, stethoscopes, wheelchair, etc. are also available.
  • To tend to cuts and bruises.
  • Store medical/ health equipment
  • Conduct health check-up
  • Give urgent care to injured or sick students and for them to rest/recover
  • Give counselling and guidance to students with physical or emotional troubles
  • Plan and teach injury and disease prevention i.e. first aid
  • Develop a QRT (Quick Reaction Team)

Sports Room

Sports Room cater to the needs of the students who prefer indoor games as chess, carom and table tennis. These all season games are a great outlet for kids with sports room being a clean, safe and secured play area. In-house competitions are also organised to develop competitive and fair play spirit among students. The sports coaches train the students in indoor games such as table tennis. Playing table tennis helps in developing fast-twitch muscles which can improve a student’s reflexes. It also helps in improving hand-eye coordination. Chess is another favourite indoor games among students. Chess aids to improve critical and creative thinking, augments focus, concentration and matures cognitive domains and IQ levels among students.


Food directly affects students health, learning and lifelong wellness habits. We give high priority to school food policy. School Cafeteria is equipped to offer multi cuisine nutritious food menu. The inputs of a dietician in planning the menu and checking the quality on daily basis provides confidence to all stake holders and acts as a tool for regular quality check.