Digital Classrooms

All the classrooms of the school are digitalized. The smart boards have modules created by Extramarks. The digital connect makes classrooms interactive and engaging. The curriculum is integrated with the customised modules and technology used is making learning fun with incorporation of animations and videos as a teaching tool.

ASPAM Scottish has entered into Scholastic partnership with Extramarks digital connect as this multimedia learning portal uses animations, videos and virtual labs to make learning easy , effective and engaging. Moreover, Extramarks modules for Junior students are game based with thematic learning approach and for Seniors it is hierarchical, layered and adaptive approach LPT (Learn, Practice and Test) helps to create child centric teaching- learning environment in sync with our XSEED and CBSE curriculum.

Reflective Corners

We at ASPAM believe that connecting to ourselves from within will give us time to introspect and understand how we can improve ourselves better for our own well-being. We live in an increasingly busy and demanding world and our students too feel the same thus inner quiet is needed. Therefore, we have ‘Reflective Corners’ for our students so that they may have the additional experience of having a moment to themselves. This means that being quiet and stopping to think may be challenging, even uncomfortable, for some children but we give our students the opportunity and gifts to be still. By providing reflective corners in school, we encourage our students to use them telling them that it is right to ask big questions and seek answers, to develop a sense of wonder about the universe, to explore the dimensions of the inner self and enjoy just being true to yourself.

Multipurpose hall

At ASPAM, Multipurpose hall serve a wide variety of functions. The multipurpose hall is an important performance space where the students perform for an audience. The multipurpose hall is used

  • To showcase skills of students during exhibitions etc.
  • To hold group discussions and symposiums for enhanced academic performance.
  • To create space for parents, students and staff during Orientation, interactions and other school events.
  • To enhance co-curricular activities like music, dance and drama among other indoor activities.
  • To improve student confidence and motivation by organizing inter class competitions.

Wi-fi Campus

ASPAM has empowered its students with digital equity and is creating education without limits. Digital learning promises equal opportunity to every child as learning in ASPAM is getting transformed through technology where wi-fi enabled campus of ASPAM Scottish is not only providing connectivity within classroom but also with the world outside by meeting the global standards and parameters.


With a seating capacity of more than 2000 people, auditorium of ASPAM is a unit in school building that is used as a place for the assembly of learners and teachers, for opening exercises and announcements, for parental engagements, for orientation programmes, for students’ workshops and seminars, for teachers’ professional development activities, for cultural events, for conferences, for interschool events and for yoga and meditation sessions. Auditorium is thus one of the most widely used infrastructural facility of the school for student, teacher and parent connect.

Well-equipped Sanatoriums

Be it at home or in school, the lives and safety of our young ones are of utmost importance. Thus it is imperative to have adequately equipped infirmaries or ‘sick rooms’ to tend to the children if and when necessary. ASPAM Scottish has ensured medical facilities to enable health support not only to its students but staff as well.
The school management has set standard guidelines to be followed in respect to health and safety of ASPAMIANS.

The features ASPAM’s Sanatorium are-

  • A qualified nurse is always present at all times during the working hours of the school. Medical equipment such as beds, stethoscopes, wheelchair, etc. are also available.
  • To tend to cuts and bruises.
  • Store medical/ health equipment
  • Conduct health check up
  • Give urgent care to injured or sick students and for them to rest/recover
  • Give counselling and guidance to students with physical or emotional troubles
  • Plan and teach injury and disease prevention i.e. First aid
  • Develop a QRT (Quick Reaction Team)
  • The School’s infirmary is equipped with a first aid box that is replenished as and when used and contains the following -scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, cotton swabs, sling, bandages, rubber gloves, thermometer, gauze, splint, adhesive bandages, mesh/net bandage, cotton wool, eye patch, disinfectant, compress, stomach medicine, pain medicine, motion sickness medicine, eye medicine, anti-itch medicine (for insect bites), sanitary napkins, notepad, pen, penlight, medical gloves, etc

GPS Enabled Transport

ASPAM Scottish believes that GPS enabled transport is paramount to running a successful school transportation system. With the help of GPS tracking, the school is able to respond to service calls quickly and provides accurate arrival and departure time as real-time tracking info and other such details besides keeping accurate location of each and every vehicle in the fleet.

CCTV Surveillance

ASPAM is safe school compound as it is secured by CCTV (closed-circuit television) at all the strategic locations within and outside the school premises. The classrooms, labs, library, corridors, canteen, playground are monitored 24×7 for security purposes. Surveillance is not just to keep an eye on the students regarding their behaviour and conduct in the school but is also meant to keep them safe from any potential threat and hence create a safe environment for them.

ERP Connect

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a method of efficiently utilizing people, hardware and software to increase productivity and turnover, thus streamlining our processes. ASPAM Scottish has opted for ERP system that has made functioning, efficiency of resources at par with the international standards. The areas where ASPAM has witnessed seamless transition from paper to paperless communication through ERP are- Admissions, Declaration of results, Data management of staff & students, Homework,/assignments, Library, Alumni, Student & Staff attendance, Transport, Fee collection, Time table management, Student health management etc.

Swimming Pool

ASPAM Scottish has a swimming pool for its Primary wing and for seniors it is planned (in the pipeline)
The students enjoy at the pool. There are stringent measures adopted to ensure safety of the students. A well trained coach is there to teach students swimming. A female attendant is always there during the time to help students to change and dress. There is separate slot for boys and girls.
The swimming is undertaken from April to September during the academic session.


Library of the school is aligned as per the school’s vision and learning goals. The library in ASPAM is constituted with the thought of enhancing student literacy and learning outcomes thus the junior and senior libraries enhance students’ achievements and serve as learning spaces for augmentation of knowledge.


Jr. Science Lab- Avishkaar

Science and Robotics lab at ASPAM Scottish School, Noida is in collaboration with Avishkaar Box. It is one of the leading companies in India dealing with STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering& Mathematics) education. It is a unique and first of its kind Lab in India working on the principles of ‘Learning by tinkering’ and ‘Learning by doing’ in the school education going beyond ‘activity based learning’. ASPAM education philosophy also believes in the same, therefore, we opted for Aviskar’sScience & Robotics Lab for students of grades IV to X. The Lab covers the main concepts of Science as per CBSE curriculum with activity.


State-of-the art Physics lab at ASPAM is its USP. The spacious lab accommodating 50 students at a time is equipped with the latest facilities to provide to its students experiential learning and hands on experience there by re-enforcing the concepts taught in the class. Visit to the lab is one of the most eagerly awaited days of the school as the students become familiar with the objects that they see in the books but work with them to develop observation and analytical skills. The equipment at the lab are a combination of commonly used and the latest ones like lens, magnet, beam balance, spring balance, glass prism to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter and resistors and spectrometers etc.
Safety equipment in the lab is for the safety of the students and demo classes of the same are conducted for students on a regular basis.


Avant-garde and expansive Biology lab houses apparatus from flasks to the composite microscopes of varying powers to observe samples and organisms minutely. The high-powered, exceedingly costly yet delicate pieces of equipment can make the microscopic observations a pure delight due to its clarity. The lab also has charts, models and specimens meant for display and enhancing teaching learning process. Thus Biology lab enables ASPAMIANS to understand diverse biological concepts of living organism with scientific disposition. The students can analyse enquire witness, experience, and test concepts with their findings and reach final conclusions.
Yet again safety of the students in the lab is taken care of with lab coat being mandatory requisite for entry in the lab. Besides this, fire extinguisher, first aid kit etc. are conveniently placed for handling of exigencies if any.


The futuristic and spacious Chemistry lab is equipped with the state- of- the art devices like- Fume hood, Distillation unit, Electronic weighing machine, Concealed gas line and the apparatus like strikers, mortar and pestle, clay triangles, watch glasses, crucibles, crucible tongs, chemical spoon, stirring rods, filter funnels and a variety of stoppers. These enable the students in performing experiments using the individualised allotted space with burners and plug points and thus bolster up the taught concept using experiments and learn by doing.
Safety devices such as fire fighting equipment, first- aid Kit etc. safe storage of chemicals, mandatory use of lab coat for each student and the presence of a qualified Lab assistant has made working in Chemistry lab one of the safest areas of the school.


ASPAM has taken NIIT Math Lab as its knowledge partner as the School aims to change the way Mathematics is taught. NIIT Math Lab is a revolutionary approach towards student-centric explorative learning, takes Mathematics Hands-on, making the students learn the concepts in a fun and playful manner. The digital multimedia, colourful books, intriguing manipulative, interesting mathematical tools and charts make learning mathematics an immersive experience. The 3 I’s—Imagine, Investigate, Interact help the students to build curiosity around concepts and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, question the answers by framing hypothesis and testing it, to support peer-to-peer, collaborative learning to enable knowledge by sharing and it follows a unique process of applying Math to everyday situations and practices through hands-on activities. Thus the lab helps in mental enhancement of areas like Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry etc. in the students.


ASPAM has opted for NIIT- English Lab as it will help in transforming language learning for Aspamians. The main objective of this English lab is to provide students opportunity to hone their oratory skills in particular. This new-age, hybrid learning solutions address pedagogical challenges specific to English learning in classrooms. The customized learning programme has innovative learning interface for learners with progressive learning modules that compliments academic curriculum too.

The following are the features of the English Lab

  • Specialized features to facilitate ASL learning process
  • Removal of mother tongue influence using expert voice waveforms and recording
  • Focus on pronunciation and functional grammar through regular practice using specialized tools
  • Unmatched learning techniques to aid speedy comprehension
  • Technology enabled, personalized learning environment
  • Blended learning methodology with renewed focus on teacher’s role
  • Uniquely- designed comprehensive programme to build English proficiency- Spoken English, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • The course content has been developed keeping in mind the difficulties that the students generally face.
  • Topics such as accent, rhythm, intonation, consonants and vowels are dealt with separately and extensively. This is followed by an exercise. After listening to the pre-recorded voice, the student can record his/her own voice and compare the correctness of his/her pronunciation.
  • In the teacher module, the lessons can be need based or class specific. At the same time teacher can review, design a test and maintain a record of each student’s performance.


As a part of beyond books curriculum, ASPAM has introduced Robotics because it is a great way to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) topics and Computer Science. It is highly effective in developing team-work and self-confidence. The incorporation of robotics content helps it’s mapping into every subject that will equip the students with necessary skills to bring together knowledge in different fields by combining mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming expertise of Math, information technology, and engineering concepts.

Computer Lab

With the changing scenario of world becoming digitalized, ASPAM Scottish has recognised the necessity of imparting Computer education to each and every student – a pre-primary student or a X grader. Computer Science / Informatics Practice is taught as an optional subject for grades XI & XII. More so Scottish has envisaged that practical rather than theoretical knowledge be imparted to the students.More so each ASPAMIAN should be computer literate and aware about the benefits of using a various application such as Microsoft word, excel, power point, Internet safety etc. Thus the goal of providing technological education to our students is to make them better thinkers, creative and confident career oriented professionals.