5 Tips to Guide your Children after Class 10th

Students find themselves standing at the FIRST crossroad after the completion of 10th standard. They struggle with a question that is bound to stick with them throughout their life and the simple question “What now?” is set to determine their professional life.

A student’s career after class 10th opens up many doors, each with different destinations. The roads to these destinations are filled with opportunities coupled with their unique challenges. Among these roads, a student is expected to choose the path with the most prestigious goal even if it means a lot of problems midway. But is this how a student should choose the professional life he/she wants to lead? Or should it be dependent on the interest of the student? As a parent, how can you help your child take the most appropriate decision? Or instead, should a parent choose the career path for their children, given they are already exposed to the industry?

Decision-making is not so easy as it seems, especially when one is exposed to multiple choices. Despite paradox of choice, in most cases, the students are also not very clear about their goals and objectives which again makes it difficult for them to take a decision. All this while a student’s psychology keeps on changing and the mental pressure to choose the best possible choice keeps on increasing. It is widely known that psychological stress can profoundly impact the decision-making process, which is why it is always advisable for parents to support their children and stand by their side when they are taking this big decision of their life.

Parents always want best for their children, but sometime, they should let their child take all the decision and support them when they fall to remind them that they are always there in the time of crisis.

Use these tips to effectively and efficiently guide your child after class 10:

1. Give them in-depth knowledge of the choices.

It is essential for the students to be equipped with the complete and thorough knowledge of the choices to make an appropriate career choice. Students should be aware of the ins and outs of the options and know where a particular decision may lead them to in the later stages.

With so many options out there, it is clear for the students to get confused while making the decision. As a parent, you can provide valuable insights into the possibilities and help them decide on the best alternative. It’s your responsibility to show the futuristic aspect of a decision as you are mostly aware of the outcome 5 or 10 years down the lane.

3. Help them identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Every child has latent potential, which needs to be developed and manifested. But there is no denying the fact that there also lie some failings. A child good at maths may be weak at communication or vice-versa. In such cases, the parents need to politely make the children aware of their weaknesses and help them get over it.

You need to understand that a child would excel in a field that tests the strengths and will have to work hard if the chosen field examines the weaknesses. Despite all this, if your child wants to go into the field that tests the weak side of the student, ensure to tell your child this, “One can overcome any weakness and make it one’s strength with sheer determination and hard work.”

4. Tell them what to consider for the decision.

Discuss various factors of the decision-making process in this stage. Tell them to reflect on themselves and set a goal that they would like to achieve. After establishing a goal, guide them to develop a roadmap to achieve a satisfactory result.

5. Understand their confusion and help them out of it.

Tell your child that every road can be taken if he/she is interested in it. Be there for them and stand by their decision.

When your child comes up with a decision, ensure to discuss the “WHY” factor. If they can answer it, high, but if they can’t, fill the gap for them, i.e., give them reasons as to why their idea is a great one.

Conclusion: No matter what your child decides for the future, don’t forget to ensure your support at every stage.

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