Fee Structure

The school Fee structure is payable every month, by the mode of cash or cheque in favour of ASPAM Scottish, best school in Noida. Parents also have an option for depositing the fee for the entire academic session in advance. The fee is payable in the first month of the quarter latest by 15th of the month. fine of rs.200/- per month (terms and conditions applied) will be levied upon as late payment charges if paid after the notified date. The fine/late fee is applicable from 16th day of the first quarter. School keeps sending reminders to the parents through messages and written circulars in diaries also, regarding the fee deposit.

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Statement of Composite Annual Fee for the Academic Session 2023-24

Fee Structure 2023-24

One Time Nursery KG I II-XII
Registration Fees 500 500 500 500
Admission Fees(Non Refundable) 45000 45000 45000 45000
Caution Money(Refundable) 30000 30000 30000 30000
Total 75500 75500 75500 75500
Monthly Composite Fees 13376 13376 13376 13376
Special Feeship awarded for 2023-24 8920 9620 10390 10390
Examination Fee 0 0 0 500


“Please Note the following:

* Fee is payable on quarterly basis (April, July, October, January)
* Caution money is refundable at the time of withdrawal of the student from the school.
(Parents are required to provide their Bank Account details for e- transfer of the amount payable to them)
* On withdrawal of student from the School, one month advance notice is to be given or equivalent amount of fee will be charged".

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