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Sports keep students physically fit, help to improve circulation of blood, mental awareness and sharpness. It also makes students develop a sense of friendliness, team spirit and confidence besides improvement in academics. At ASPAM (Sports Curriculum School in Noida) the following sports have been chosen with a lot of deliberations. School in Noida



Athletics imbibes essential life skills that have a powerful and transcending impact on young ASPAMIANS. Participation in Athletics (track & field events) develops self- discipline, time management and concentration. All these attributes help enhance the academic performance of a child.



Training and development programs for Football are designed and executed by qualified instructors and provides an opportunity to ASPAMIANS to improve their agility, stamina, hand eye coordination and overall cardiovascular endurance.



The purpose of undertaking Basketball is to provide opportunities to students to improve balance, coordination, endurance and concentration. All these qualities impact at the enhanced curricular attainments of the students.


Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis aims at augmenting students social and psychological benefits. Besides this playing lawn tennis improves metabolic functions, increases bone density, flexibility and increases reaction. As it also improves mental health, therefore, the student can have greater psychological benefits.


Table Tennis

We provide a healthy supportive atmosphere in which young ASPAMIANS get the benefit of playing table tennis in terms of sharpened hand eye coordination, boosting of brain cells and remaining focused with tasks hand.



Chess helps to develop critical thinking, decision making skills besides increasing attention span and memory capacity – The most sorts out ways for enhanced grades and cognitive domain.



Participation in Gymnastics helps a student to develop better coordination, flexibility and self-discipline – The hallmark of healthy living.


Swimming / Splash Pool

Splash pool activity at ASPAM is for pre-primary level due to its childhood benefits of enhancing gross motor skill development and coordination. It also improves stamina, flexibility, strength and emotional health and well- being.



ASPAM Scottish School provides a platform to young budding cricketers to train and practice cricket with our collaborative partners Suresh Raina Cricket Academy. The promising players can practice on cricket cemented and Astroturf pitches and thus, master their cricketing skills. Training is imparted to students between the age of 6 and 17 years. The facility provides wings to the budding cricketers to follow and fulfil their passion of becoming a world class cricketer.

ASPAM Cricket Team under the coach, Mr.Devesh Awana, qualified for the semi-finals of Goenkan Cricket Cup held in May 2019. The team stood 4th among 9 teams that participated in the event.



We believe in developing team- spirit and volleyball helps our students to learn how to work with others towards a common goal. Playing volleyball teaches one to accept defeat and win graciously. Its quick changes of pace and direction improves flexibility of hands and feet leading to better overall health, more energy, better mental health and increased happiness quotient. G P Global Group

School in Noida

School in Noida

School in Noida

School in Noida

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