Core Values

The core values inculcated and imbibed in the students of ASPAM Scottish are-
  • Universal Leadership

Know the way, go the way, show the way, and lead by example……

ASPAM's learning pedagogy at all levels instills in the young learner's attributes of universal leadership by developing an understanding of multiple perspectives and cultivates global dispositions.
  • Lineage & Annexes

Where you're from & what you can become……

ASPAMians are given ample opportunities to grasp and imbibe virtues and values from our lineage and the newfound skills of intellectual enlightenment give them annexes to tread their preferred arenas.

  • Global Vistas

Training to think beyond borders...

Our various instructional practices make the young ASPAMians aware of the world, teach them respect and value diversities.

  • Learning through Innovations

Exploring the genius within…

Hands-on learning, involvement, explorations, and improvisations make education a joyful practice for ASPAMians.

  • Adulations & Laurels

Believe in your potential and live up to it!

The intrinsic potential of the student is identified, honed, and mentored thus enabling ASPAMians to work with diligence and attain holistic excellence.

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