FAQs Related to ASPAM Scottish School

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Q. What is the meaning of Scottish?


The word Scottish gives global perspective to our educational ideology.

Q. Which Board do you follow?



Q. Safety n security of my child?


24*7, surveillance, guards on every floor, maids in every classroom till Grade III

Q. What is your school’s philosophy?


Educate to empower

Q. How is school building secured?


By CCTV cameras , guards on every floor

Q. How parents are made aware of their child’s progress in school? how are they engaged?


Through class broadcast groups, PTM, one on One interaction, school ERP, facebook, Instagram, orientation Programme, coffee morning with ma’am

Q. Are you affiliated to any university?


Yes, Cannadian University Winnepeg

Q. What is it that our child will learn outside textbooks?


Hands on learning , field trips ,Internship Programme

Q. How do you help them to choose career options?


Career workshops, career fairs

Q. What are the teaching methodologies?


In Sync with blooms taxonomy, NEP 2020

Q. What is the mode of communication with children in school?



Q. What is the student ratio?


2:30(Pre Nur- To KG), 1:30(I-V) 1:-35(VI-XII)

Q. Is there a swimming pool there in school?


No, Its under Construction, We have Splash Pool for Grade PN- II

Q. What is the minimum qualification/experience of the teacher? Do you have mature teachers to handle the small children?


As per CBSE Norms 2-3 years of Experience Minimum B. ED

Q. When can we expect the school to be fully operational?


School Building is fully constructed, with all the facilities required for the current strength. for additional strength and additional facilities

Q. Why uniform is only available in school & not outside with any vendor?


Keeping the quality in mind and it can be customised if required

Q. How are kids assessed/What’s the evaluation system of the school?


Nur-III (4 assessment’s in an Year) IV-IX & XI 2 Assessments, Half Yearly and Finals X & XII- 2 PA’s Half Yearly, Test Series, 2 Pre Boards

Q. Are outside events/competitions/Olympiads promoted?


Yes, Spell Bee,SOF, Neltas, Silver Zone, Humming Bird, inter + intra school activities/clubs

Q. How is our school different from other schools/what is our USP’S/Why do I choose your school?


Exceeding Excellence Programme, VEP, Bridge the Gap, Mystic Land-Exploring through GK, Personalised Learning Skill Subjects Remedial classes on 2 working sat.

Q. What do you personally suggest about Aspam?


Personalised Learning, Teacher Student Ratio, Opportunity for students to participate more on scholastic and co scholastic activities

Q. What have been the past results?


100 percent both in X & XII

Q. Why are annual charges paid in monthly fee?


As per CBSE guidelines in NOIDA

Q. From which class 3rd language is being introduced?


Grade IV onwards, French and Sanskrit

Q. What all other activities do u have in school apart from sports activities? how frequently these classes take place?


Inter School Competions, Thursday outsourced activities, Quiz, Music, dance art, Culinary etc

Q. Do you focus on strengths/weaknesses?


Bridge the gap/reinforcement classes, 4 part worksheets for students with low scores

Q. What do you do for personalised learning?


Personalised Classes/ Assesments, Genius Corner

Q. Do u have scholarship in school?


Yes. Above 95%

Q. Is there any extra fee to be charged for labs/skilling workshops/outsourced workshop?


Yes , Out sourced clubs are chargeable

Q. From which grade do these labs and workshops start here?


Grade III General Science lab, Grade IX onwards workshops and Guest speakers

Q. What is an E- library?


They can use the Digital Library to select resources that fit their learning style and interests. Additionally, these libraries include multimedia materials that aid students in comprehending difficult ideas and interests

Q. What’s the occupancy of the Audi and Amphitheatre?


It’s Under Construction (approx. 650)

Q. What is quality Education Asia Learning Gap Programme?


Professional develop Programme for Training

Q. What is MUN?


Its leadership Programme to develop communication interpersonal skills, confidence develops thoughts and global perspectives.

Q. What are the sports activities in your school?


As per the age sports activities are introduced from PN-KG. Taekwondo, Yoga skating, other kidfit activities, TT, Chess Carrom, cricket, basket ball, badminton, Lawn tennis etc

Q. How many periods are assigned to clubs, hobbies or to ECA ?


7-8 per week

Q. Do you provide live streaming or access to parents?


We keep a track & record in the school.

Q. How many field trips/community activities/excursions and visits are scheduled in the school year?


8- 10 in a year.

Q. What is the admission process?


Written test, interaction with both parent and child.

Q. Whom do I contact for admissions?


Parent Relation Managers- Meenal Chadha.

Q. What about the academic performance of school students?

  • Students had been performing exceeding well in all subjects with a maximum of 98.7%
  • 100% Result in X and XII
  • Subject toppers attaining 100/100.

Q. What are the co-curricular activities offered?


Co-curricular activities

  • Robotics
  • Photography
  • Vedic Maths
  • Abacus
  • Dramatics
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Taekwondo
  • Skating
  • CSR Activities
  • Communication Club (Debate/Extempore)
  • Heritage Club
  • Sports Club
  • Taekwondo
  • Skating
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball
  • Football
  • Cricket.

Q. Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?


Admission is based on the availability of seats and interaction.
Nursery and KG

  • Registration to be filled Online/Offline
  • Meeting with Parent Relation Manager
  • Interaction with Principal
  • Admission Fee deposition, Confirmation, and Allotment of Admission No.
  • Grade 1 Onwards
  • Registration to be filled Online/Offline
  • Meeting with Parent Relation Manager
  • Interaction with Principal
  • Clearing of CLT (Competency Level Test)
    Admission Fee deposition, Confirmation, and Allotment of Admission No.

Q. How many students you have in one class?



Q. What are the child safety measures adopted by the school?

  • CCTV
  • Care and Support
  • Male and Female Guards
  • GPS/Live Tracking of Bus
  • Extensive Professional Development Programmes on child care and safety.
  • Separate wings(Primary/Middle/Senior)
  • Sensitization of students on gender sensitivity.

Q. Does the school have adequate medical facilities?


Yes, well-equipped in-house infirmary with trained nurse and all basic medical needs ASPAM also has a tie-up with FORTIS Hospital for all medical exigencies.

Q. Does the school provide transport?


Yes, AC and GPS enabled transport with facility for live tracking.

Q. When are the online applications starting for nursery admission in Noida for the academic year 2020-21?


Starts from July 2019 for the session 2020-21, the process has already started.

Q. How can I get admission to Aspam Scottish School?

  • By visiting the school and meeting the Parent Relation Manager founder standing the procedure of getting admission.
  • Competency Level Test (CLT).
  • Applying Scholarships for academic excellence and sports excellence.
  • Interaction with the Principal.

Q. Why do you want your child to study in this school?

  • Montessori education in Nursery and KG
  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Learning Corridors
  • Value Lab
  • Personalized Tab Lab
  • Montessori Lab
  • General Science Lab
  • Math and Robotics Lab
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology Lab
  • Smart Class
  • MUN
  • Olympiads
  • Global Exposure
  • Trips and Tours
  • Personalized Learning
  • Care and Support
  • Well Qualified Teaching Fraternity
  • Professionally trained support staff for care and support
  • Experiential and hands-on learning programmes
  • Community outreach programmes
  • Preparedness of life(POL) modules for Senior group to make the world ready
  • No child left behind policy
  • Holistic development of students

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