Raising smart, curious children

“The Whole Art Of Teaching Is Only The Art Of Awakening The Natural Curiosity Of Young Minds For The Purpose Of Satisfying It Afterwards”. -Anatole France

Topic: Raising smart, curious children

Curiosity is one asset that can benefit your child and help him/her do well academically. It is the quest to explore and try new things that help the children grow up intellectually stimulated. This love for learning not only makes them happy and optimist but successful as well. There are a number of things that you as a parent can do to ignite curiosity and a love of learning in your children and thus help them to be academically motivated.

Parenting tip 1:

Be a role model in front of your children by discovering things yourself and this will motivate them and kindle love of learning in them. You can be seen reading, finding answers and doing other such things. As your children watch and learn from you, they will most certainly pick up this habit of yours.

Parenting tip 2:

Embrace the motto “we try new things”. Whether it is a new meal, a new sport, a new holiday destination, or a new way of cleaning the house, let your children know that you want to try new things and discover things you previously did not know much about.

Parenting tip 3:

Demonstrate to your children to find answers by themselves. Lend support to them by telling them references, digital resources, or other useful sources. When your children ask you a question, do not curb their curiosity by answering them directly rather encourage them to explore and find out the same by themselves.

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