Brain Training and How Can It Help Students

The brain is a wonderful organ packed with a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. Brain power improves by its continuous use, just as our body strength grows with rigorous exercise. We are not all born strong but we all do possess conscious will within ourselves to make ourselves strong. It is our mental toughness and willingness that makes us strong. When we throw away all our weakness and realize our strength it enlightens hope in us.

This enlightening of cognitive skills inourselves through a series of regular mental activities purported toimprove our brain capacity is called brain training. Our daily schedule and a regular timetable doesn’t encourage new cell activity as we keep on working on an already framed pathway but putting our brain exposed to new projects, tasks and challenges enhances our thinking patterns, stimulates ideas, creates new situations with improvised results, hence keeping our brain active with prolonged life.

This is quite similar to the situation wherein if we want to keep our body fit,we need regular physical exercise so as to stay away from diseases. Similarly brain should be exercised on regular basis with varied stimulation to create new neural pathways, resulting into a healthy, innovative, conscious and improvised brain. The aim of this whole exercise is to train inactive brains into active, useful ones.

Research has proved that brain training at any stage results into an individual with healthy, thoughtful and innovative brains,improving the overall personality of that individual and this training best starts at the school level. It makes a difference to your brain’s health by providing it with diverse and complex stimulus.

As we nurture the future of a nation in CBSE Schools in Noida,so it becomes our prime responsibility to nurture their minds in such a way that it leads to a long and strong life.  A school is a venue where the initial stages of brain training occur in young generation, giving them a potential tomorrow. So,why is brain training necessary? Here comes the answer:

1. Better preparation of learning:

Brain training helps to develop underlying cognitive process so as to enable them to learn efficiently. It helps to improve cognitive skills of economically weaker students in a class as compared to their advantaged peers. As cognitive skills become stronger, academics achievement starts to catch up.

2. Student motivation:

School may not always be fun for unmotivated students. Brain games can be fun way to drill facts and concepts that need to be practiced.These games can act as attractions or magnets to attract young learners to school. Maths games and vocabulary games are good examples.

3. Stress relievers:

A school can be a stress buster for many students. Brain games help students identify their emotions and practice mindfulness technique that will help centre them. Many apps like hidden object games, bejeweled or cubis are great to get students’ mind off the stress.

4. Increasing the level of competence:

It improves the level of competence by training the mind,helping it to develop the kind of resilience the students require in more advanced economic situations.

5. Behaviourtraining :

It improvises behavioural skills in students thus making them more cooperative and hard working with flexible thinking. It gives them a stronger capacity for self regulation making cognitive skills stronger, in turn making challenging academic tasks easier. This gives a strong signal for improvement of behaviour.

6. Remediation of cognitive skills for students with learning disabilities:

Brain training helps remediate attention, works upon memory,processes speed and other cognitive processes, henceforth taking care of a special student and bringing it to the same platform with other students in the class.

7. Developing student’s growth mindset:

It develops an attitude that takes mistakes as opportunities for growth .The concept revolves round the fact that intelligence and talents are developed, not purely innate. When sportsperson work on their performances, they not only improvise their specific skills of sport but they also train themselves for non-sport specific capacities,like strength, endurance, speed, flexibilities, etc. Therefore, why not we as educators at one of the Top Schools in Noida,train our all-star students for most flexible brains necessary for being them as all-rounder students. Hence brain training will help our students do better at school and, ultimately at life, if their brains are well developed.

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