Character Building

“One can acquire everything in solitude except character.”    —Stendhal

Topic—Character Building

  • Discipline Wisely

Disciplining means setting expectations, holding kids accountable to them and responding to their lapses in a way that both teaches what’s right and motivates the child to do what’s right. This means discipline should be clear and firm but not harsh.

  • Solve Conflicts Fairly

Conflicts provide important opportunities to foster character development. An objective approach can be used to solve a wide range of family clashes. It has three parts:

(1) achieving mutual understanding;

(2) arriving at a fair, agreed upon solution to the problem and

(3) holding a follow-up meeting to evaluate how the solution is working. 

  • Provide Opportunities to Practice the Virtues

Virtues develop through practice. We don’t develop character in kids simply by talking about it. On the contrary, they need real responsibilities in family life. 

  • Foster Spiritual Development

Religious participationgives life an ultimate reason for leading a moral life. We must help our children to develop a spiritual vision that address life’s major questions on meaning, purpose and true happiness of life? 

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