Around Us And How Our Senses Experience Them

Parenting can be delightful and rewarding and at the same time it can also be challenging and nasty.

Kids need emotional and physical safety in equal measures. The challenges parents face in providing
them the same varies from child to child and the kind of environment that surrounds the child.
There’s a lot of information around us as to how and what we “should” do to raise “good” kids.

A secret to keeping kids safe it is important to communicate with your child and if you’re
communicating, you’ll know what’s going on in your child’s life and where they might need some
help, or if they might need someone to look out for them. Children are more likely to make safe
choices if lots of people with positive caring influence are around them. Also they can get help and
support whenever needed.

A second but the most important aspect is physical safety measures undertaken when they’re
young or setting rules about driving (when they’re teens) out of love for them and a desire for them
to have positive experiences, rather than out of fear.

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