Encouraging better behaviour

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” ― Albert Einstein

It is human tendency to challenge rules set on behaviour and children are no exception. All children defy the set guidelines as it is part of growing up, learning and becoming an independent person. It takes time for a child to comprehend and learn how to regulate their behaviour (CBSE Schools in Noida).

Better behaviour can be stimulated through positive parenting methods. These methods are based on the following doctrines:

  • Showing love and affection to your child
  • Emphasizing the things that please you about your child
  • Teaching your child by setting a good example yourself
  • Praising the behaviour you want to see in your child
  • Listening to your child and working out your problems together
  • Avoiding harsh punishments like spanking and excessive shouting
  • Setting clear limits which are fair and age appropriate
  • Expressing your wishes in a way that shows you mean what you say.

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