How Technology Integration is Transforming Education?

Education empowers a generation with knowledge and smoothens the path for a better future and if it is digitalized with technology the transition becomes smoother. New technology is common but new thinking is rare. This rare thinking ignites that fire which fuels the empty minds with imagination. The great aim of education is not stocking the young brains with loads of already known concepts but motivating them to invent something new and this is best achieved when equipped with technology.

Technology acts as a mode of instruction encouraging experimenting in a new generation to invent something new within the process of learning. This ensures the overall development of the child. Technology enhances the working of the human brain, manipulating its thinking power and finally motivating young brains to do something new and fruitful.

This enhancement of cognitive growth can be best if accompanied by technology. Learners in this fast-growing techno world don’t use much guidance on how to use technology but they surely need to be guided for effective and proper use of technology.

Technology has greatly changed the classroom scenario. In one of the best CBSE Schools in Noida, every classroom of our school is a purely smart class having modules created by Extramarks. Gone are the days when teaching used to be teacher-centric and students were the passive participants in classroom deliveries which resulted in passive learning. The demand of the hour says we don’t need to produce couch potatoes through passive learning but at the end of the teaching session, the young minds should be filled with more zeal to experiment with the learning part and this aim is better achieved when we integrate our teaching with technology. Today a great deal of information can be obtained with a single click on the internet and formal classroom learning is supported with various virtual online learning sites. These technological opportunities enhance a student’s academic performance henceforth giving a big thanks to technologically integrated education.

Technology can bring textbooks to life, bringing peers in different parts of the world together and bridging real-time gaps. It changes the way a student connects, communicates, invents and innovates. Technology does not equal a learning outcome but improvises and enhances learning outcomes. It not only opens the doors of their minds but releases their creativity.

The walls of any classroom are no longer a restriction to hold the expansion of that classroom. Technology can take your classroom to any part of the world and integrate your teaching with any nation, any culture and any religion. Thus, widening the aspects of teaching and making it globally effective. SKYPE is one of the most widely used video calling apps, which is widely used in global classrooms. With the use of these apps we not only integrate technology in education but also appreciate global citizenship.

Planning new reaching strategies based on the latest technologies is the key feature of 21st century education. It enhances teaching with the creation of such instruction material which not only encourages creative thinking but uses various smart devices.

Technology in various forms if used correctly and under guidance will surely prove a boon for our education system and can connect our learning styles. But again we need to be more vigilant and careful with our learners while the usage of technology in our classrooms. CBSE promotes the use of technology in its curriculum and encourages the schools and students to inculcate more of technology-based education. CBSE organizes various workshops and seminars for its teachers to keep them updated with latest teaching technologies so as to enhance the teaching processes.  Many schools use technology-based teaching structures and strategies. ASPAM Scottish School, one of the Top Schools of Noida has whole of its curriculum based on technology integrated education. Extensive usage of smartboards with the teaching content built in collaboration with extra marks is enhancing the academics of students greatly.  The content of these smart boards widely covers the main syllabi of all the subjects with enough Practice. Smartboard content often uses animation based teaching to make it more interesting for the students. Modern computer labs with the latest version of computers are making students more and more tech-savvy. Students find it more challenging and interesting to make their own version of robots in the Robotics lab. Doing practice sessions in various subjects on tablets in a genius corner lab adds up to improve the academic performance of a child. In all integration of technology in education not only improves a student’s personality but challenges his thought process also. From learning to collaborating, technology teaches a student to be more productive and responsible, henceforth making him a better human being.

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