Hygiene Basics for Kids-CBSE Schools in Noida

Hygiene is two third of health. – Lebanese proverb

It is necessary to teach your child the basics of proper hygiene as a clean kid is a healthier kid.

  • Clean Means Healthy

Kids call them cooties, but you know them as germs, and they’re all around us. They’re floating freely through the air and have taken up residence on your child’s favourite toys, video game console, the bathroom doorknob, and many such places, You as parents vigilantly spray every room with disinfectant, constantly wipe down surfaces with bleach novelettes, and buy antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, hoping to kill germs and prevent illness. And while these are all good and noble efforts, the best way to help your child remain cootie-free is to teach the importance of proper personal hygiene.

  • Clean and Healthy

 Good hygiene isn’t just about keeping your child presentable, but an active means of preventing the spread of illnesses. Proper hygiene is vital for school-age kids because most illnesses are contracted where little noses, mouths, and hands spread germs. When taught early on, proper hygiene can lead to a lifetime of cleanliness and good health. Don’t wait until then to teach the importance of proper hygiene. Start today with these basic strategies to help your child stay clean and healthy.

  • The Hands Have It

When it comes to germs, nothing spreads them faster than our two hands. Emphasize the importance of hand washing for everyone in the family — particularly for your kids who think nothing of sneezing into their hands, then reaching into the cookie jar. Hands should be washed, before every meal or snack, after coming in from outside, after using the bathroom, After playing with the family pet, after sneezing or blowing the nose (when possible) and after taking out the trash.

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