Storytelling plays a vital role in the overall development of a child

Storytelling plays a vital role in the overall development of a child. It holds paramount importance in a child’s life. We often witness our children having difficulties in concentrating for long periods of time. Storytelling captures the attention of young minds while promoting refinement of communication, visualization of words and learning of good vocabulary. This ultimately develops the ability to focus for considerable amount of time.
Moreover, as humans the most commonly accepted way to develop and nurture bonds is though narration of stories. Kids often get excited when they have good stories to tell.
Here, in ASPAM we aim to nurture empathy, confidence, imagination and interpersonal skills in our kids. Therefore, we focus on storytelling sessions in classrooms as a technique for overall development of our children. Along with sharpening the cognitive ability of the child, stories teach our little Aspamians to lead a relaxed life while enjoying good level of subjective well-being.
From enhancement of the listening skills to increased verbal proficiency, stories have a long lasting positive impact on development. Growing vocabulary enables our children to express themselves in a better manner. Furthermore, the ability to give meaning to the feelings allows children to make well thought decisions and develop problem solving skills.
In accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP, 2023), we at Aspam adopt an approach in education which is holistic and integrated while focusing on multidisciplinary learning along with critical thinking. Every classroom learning experience is inclusive of connecting stories and interactions which makes the school life exciting, fun and worthwhile for our students.

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