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Stress Management Tips for Students While E-Learning

Top schools in Noida

The entire world is under maintenance and every person is advised to stay at home. COVID 19 outbreak thrashed Schools in Noida and kids are unable to direct classes. But, thanks to technologies such as laptops, mobile, internet, communication software, online learning apps and other sharing tools. This has encouraged work from home and online learning possible.

However, online learning appears quite challenging for CBSE schools and students attending it. Many schools in Noida proclaimed that online education appears to be a tough task in comparison to traditional learning’, owing to different challenges being raised from both schools & students.

Students are upset because they never encountered the new system. They don’t have a clue about how to handle studies without face-to-face assistance. As we know, adaptation to innovation needs time and learning. ‘Self-motivation is the key’, cited by CBSE schools authorities in Noida.

Why are school students stressed out?

  • Malicious Coronavirus: Several schools in Noida observed stress in students between 12 – 20 years. Just as adults, students are dealing with future repercussions of the virus. The virus has harmed the parent’s job, income and child’s education itself. Students are stressed over how their dreams are crushed. For instance-

1. Excelling in academics & getting good grades

2. Winning medals in sports activities

3. Taking part in Interschool competitions

4. Volunteering/ Hosting Annual Day Functions etc

  • Zero Personal attention: Learning on internet overlooks personal attention that a student gains in traditional classes. Most CBSE schools in Noida are trying to address queries. There are consequences where a student can confront stress in finishing their assignments & homework on time.
  • No clarity in Lectures: As teachers are new to teaching only, they are puzzled. They have less experience in offline classroom teaching. Teachers’ inefficiency to educate behind the screen develops unimportance of the subject/lesson/topic in the students’ mind. Therefore, the majority of CBSE schools are doing a fabulous job to prepare their educators and are supporting them from end-to-end.
  • Poor Connectivity: Few students face internet connection issues. Because of this, they can miss lessons which are scheduled at that time.

Stress Management Tips for Students

● Talk to your Teacher: Schools in Noida highly give preference to personal interaction with school teachers. There are several ways you can connect for doubt clearing sessions such as on WhatsApp, Emails, Google hangouts or social media platforms.

Speak to your Parents/Siblings: Sharing your concerns with siblings or parents regarding projects or homework is a great way to win over stress.

Time Management Tools are Best: To complete an assignment on time, utilize time management tools such as Google calendar, Evernote, Trello, To-do list apps. Also, you can make sticky notes of important tasks.

Practise Meditation & Exercise: Among the proven strategies to tackle stress is doing exercise and meditation. A study says -Stress can bring down your immune power as well as give birth to disease, if unchecked. The reason why meditation & exercise is an important aspect of the curriculum in most CBSE Schools of Noida. As schools are closed down, students must take out some time from their busy schedules to work out. When you work out, the brain releases chemicals called serotonin, endorphins, & dopamine. Therefore, promoting higher concentration level, sharp memory, and lower stress.

Talk to Your Friends: Speaking with your companions and talking about your situation can recuperate your negativity in minutes. If you share your concern with companions of a similar age, you may get a solution (as they may be experiencing the same).

Take Breaks: Any tea or coffee break is sufficient to revive your brain and body. Taking breaks after every 60 minutes can expand your learning capacity. You can take a walk or stand in the balcony to inhale fresh air.

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