A student exchange program refers to a program wherein students of a particular school travel abroad and spend some time studying in another school. The school, which has sent its students as a part of the exchange program, is obligated to host the students of the other school in the future.

In the last few years, many schools in India have encouraged their students to participate in student exchange programs. Schools, after all, have seen the different ways in which students benefit from these programs. Despite this, some schools continue to be reluctant to implement these programs.

Here are three reasons why schools should encourage student exchange programs:

Global Exposure

As a student gets more exposure, they experience higher growth. When a student goes abroad and spends a couple of days or weeks in a school, they get global exposure, and that results in their mind opening up in a big way.

While studying at a local school, a student gets exposed to only a few elements. However, their knowledge of the world increases significantly once they step inside a school that implores them to come out of their comfort zone and adapt to a new environment.


One of the biggest student exchange program benefits is that local students get to interact with students of different ethnicities, nationalities, and cultural identities. This helps in broadening their worldview and becoming tolerant of people of all kinds.

Accepting and being respectful of different cultures, religions, and beliefs is extremely important in today’s world. When a student grows up and starts working in a professional space, they will work with people from all parts of the world. This is when they will realize how being a part of a student exchange program prepared them for the future.

Cultural Understanding

If a student from India goes to a Spanish school under a student exchange program for a month, they will get an opportunity to explore Spain. Apart from learning the Spanish language, they will also get an idea about the several nuances of the culture of the country.

Many schools encourage students to be a part of multiple student exchange programs in their academic journey. The more a student travels and participates in these exchange programs, the more they get to know about the cultures of different countries.

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