Tips On Personality Development Of The Child

Do not scold child all the time for minor failures.
• Do not trouble the child constantly.
• Frequent use of bitter or harsh remarks should be avoided.
• Avoid the practice of preferring one child over the other and thereby neglecting the other.
• Do not belittle or disparage the child.
• Avoid prolonged separation of the child.
• Constant friction with the child or between the parents should not be expressed in front of the child.
• Never discourage the child.
• Do not praise your child always.
• Excessive discipline is also harmful.
• Repetitive or severe punishment should be avoided. The child should be given a change to rectify itself and punishment should be the last resort.
• Parents should not be over-ambitious regarding their children and they should not set goals for a child that is not in harmony with his intellectual endowment, capabilities, achievements and interests. This also puts a breach in the proper development of the child’s personality.

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