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Tips to Teach Kids Handle Failure

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No parents want to see his or her kid fail. It is hard for a helpless parent watching his/her kid not getting selected in soccer, misspell a word amid spelling bee or not being selected for a coveted role in a performance.

Therefore, failure can be changed into a learning experience that boosts your kid’s ability to succeed in the future. As Henry Ford quoted, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

Our kids see how we deal with failures in life. If we get viciously furious when passed over for a promotion that we truly needed or get disappointed with the child’s teacher or instructor due to an action (or inaction), they may behave same when confronted with their failures.

What Can Your Child Learn From Failure?

ASPAM Scottish School, one of the Schools in Noida, When those initial few steps are rewarded with his parents’ gestures of joy and a hug, for instance, that little child learns to set a goal—to do that activity again that made his parents so glad so that he’ll get the similar wonderful response. Support and praises are powerful assets for all ages.

Kids can likewise learn more about critical thinking through failure. Parents should assist them to assess what turned out badly and how they can keep it from happening again. If the kid is old enough, ask her why she thinks she failed the test. Her knowledge into the issue may amaze you.

Through trying as well as failing, then trying again and succeeding, our children learn about persistence and the feeling of pride in their achievements.

Tips to Turn your kid’s Failure into Success

  • Teach your kids how to express emotions. When your kid is not successful, whether in the battlefield or the classroom, parents should be there to teach them how to express emotions.
  • Talk to your kids on why he thinks things didn’t go the way he wanted. Even kids can express their feelings, and among the best things a parent can do is to listen carefully. Your kid might even give some information about things that happened that you were not aware of.
  • Provide age-appropriate activities that meet your kid’s interests. Too often, guardians lose their way in anticipating too much of a kid at a very young age. It,truly, is okay if your kid can’t do a toe-touch in first grade or can’t hit the ball off a tee at age 4. Keep calm!
  • Teach your child that winning isn’t the most important thing. Praise your child for his efforts and his attitude as you do at a winning outcome.
  • Teach your kid about his strengths. The things that you witness as his positive traits. Conversations can help develop confidence in even a young child.
  • Keep reasonable and realistic expectations from your kids. Don’t assume your eight-year-old to become proficient in piano in two days, just because her brother or sister can.
  • Keep in mind that your child observes how you respond to failures in your own life. It’s absolutely fine to share your failure and crucial to show them how you gain from the experience.
  • Tell your child know that you love him, either he wins or loses. A tight hug and a word of inspiration can ease the pressure felt when he fails.

Keep in mind, we all fail at one time or another. ASPAM Scottish School, among the reputed CBSE Schools in Noida, suggests that kids can be taught to take failure as an opportunity if we show them how to learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to try again.

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