To A Child’s Innocent Mind, A Lack Of Warmth And Smiles Equals A Lack Of Love

Parenting can be wonderful and rewarding, but it can also be difficult and unpleasant. Most parents experience moments (or months or years) of feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot of information available as to what we “should” do as parents to raise “good” kids.

Parenting Strategy

Take Action! No two parents shower their love on their children in the same way. Some are more expressive as they reward their kids with lots of hugs, high-fives, and kind notes; on the other hand there are ones who are more stoic or reserved. So you need to devise your own way of showing your kids that you care for them. You may do so in the following ways-
• Spend time together in ways that fit your lifestyle.
• Try to make time for regular meals together, go for walks, and talk in the car/amusement parks/malls etc.
• Don’t strive to be a stereotype or an ideal parent; just do what works the best for you and your kids.

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