Ways to Raise a Moral Child

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings.                                                                ~ Hodding Carter, Jr.

Nursery Admission In Noida, Raising a moral child means teaching your child to live by the Golden Rule. Before your child can “treat others like you want others to treat you,” he has to learn how to empathize, to be able to think through an action before doing it and to judge how the consequences of his action will affect himself and others. Therein lays the basis of a moral person.

  1. Raise kids who care

Attachment parenting is your child’s first morality lesson as parents are the child’s first morality teachers. 

  • Model morals

A model is an example to be imitated for better or worse. Saturate your child’s environment with persons of significance who provide healthy example.

  • Minimize bad impressions

 We emphasize models as one of the prime influences on childbehaviour. Parents need to realize that negative behaviours viewed on TV for example, anger and violence are easier for a child to copy than positive behaviours as kindness etc.

  • Teach your child to think morally

Take advantage of teachable moments, ordinary events of family life that offer opportunities to talk to your child through the process of moral reasoning.  

  • Know your child

Know how your child is thinking morally at each stage of development. When situations occur that require a moral decision, involve your child in them.

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