ASPAM Scottish School, Noida: A place that inspires personal and intellectual growth.

ASPAM Scottish School has carved a niche for itself as a leading education provider and being one of the top schools in Noida. ASPAM Scottish School is a place thatinspires both personal and intellectual growth for its students from Montessori to Grade XII.

We at ASPAM believe that personal growth does not only mean the progress of a student in terms of academics but it also includes some important life skills as practice of resilience, time management, self-discipline and expression, taking onus, self -acceptance and above all being empathetic.  Intellectual growth is yet another key aspect of a student life that is gauzed through achievements of age appropriate milestones. Thus we at ASPAM Scottish have weaved our curriculum around hands on learning experience and undertake simple activities while imparting lessons to develop a child’s ability to think and reason.

Inculcation of existential skills along with intellectual skills at earlier stages makes a child less vulnerable to get stagnated in the situations that require cognitive skills to cope with difficult situations and be future ready. Age appropriate and customised curriculum of this top school in Noida is one of the key aspects develops in child ability to organise his thoughts and ideas. It also augments concept clarity, concentration and sense of judgement besides developing critical thinking, power of inferences, justification, evaluation and innovation.

How is ASPAM Scottish one of the top 10 schools in Noida inspiring this personal and intellectual growth in our dear ASPAMIAN. It’s with our customised curriculum that includes co-curricular activities, field trips, hands on learning experiences and self- exploration under the guidance of ever evolving faculty that keeps itself abreast with the latest pedagogical changes at the global levels to empower our students to become universal citizens.

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