Calm Confident Parenting-CBSE Schools in Noida

Children close their eyes to advice but open their eyes to follow example. –Empowering parents

In earlier times it was a notion that parenting was a natural skill and anyone found reading a book on parenting or soliciting an advice from someone related to the upbringing of his/her child was considered to an incapable parent.

What you learn from others will help you appreciate your role as a parent, and support you gain confidence in your ability to teach your children self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. Calm, Confident Parenting helps you create a base that will benefit you and your family. Your children will benefit from your continuing efforts to stay informed as your family journeys through ages and stages of development. You have been delegated with a young person’s life – to mould their experiences and provide them with an environment, which is healthy, positive, and filled with love.

Calm, Confident Parenting is a positive tactic to parenting that is founded on conjoint respect between parent and child. It guides parents from impulsive parenting (dealing with challenges emotionally, without thought to long term consequences) to intentional parenting (using strategies that meet established long term parenting goals.) It helps parents develop strategies that teach children good decision-making, effective problem solving and healthy communication skills. Parents have the prospect to learn to diminish power melees and create calm, accommodating home. Thus setting Long Term Goals will enable parents to:

· achieve a better understanding of parent/child relationships

· establish a base for long term positive parenting

· discover personal parenting/communication styles

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