Lockdown Vs Openness: From Emptiness to Mindfulness-CBSE Schools in Noida

A year ago, everything around us was different, and now that I look back I realize that the year 2020, could do a lot to change the entire mankind.  A life that was always dreamt of extravaganza of ultimate treats of parties, vacations, trips and tour to far and distant lands, celebrations and exhibitions of all has to depose to stay in quiet isolations with no more expositions to limelights.

This year 2020 has taught us a lot. At one of the Best Schools in Noida, We learnt that mere possessing and striving to achieve material gain is not enough. We are required more in possessing spiritual, empathy, and compassionate values. Most of us live in denial be individually or collectively, we conspire in the pretence that life is stable and predictable, and we organise our entire lives around this falsehood.

Truly the time is strong and we as a human may think our superiority over time and life, but now it is proved that only life is intrinsically volatile and ever insecure too. It is a fact that we never know which breath is our final. From our entrance into this world to our exit, we have been constantly struggling, fighting, and striving to achieve the next higher level of our lives. Surprisingly we have never taken a chance to look back to our achievements and cherish them rather we have started with the immediate struggle for the next level of it. Just if we look back, life is a transition from a small house to a big mansion, from local visits to foreign trips, from local market shopping to big brand endorsements.  Our entire life is passed away in such a fashion only.  Lord Buddha says, “You have a small life span; it will be gone soon. You cannot make it a condition that you will rejoice only when the whole world has changed and everybody is happy. That is never going to happen and it is not within your capacity to do it. People have decided to be miserable; that is their decision.”  

Consequences of our conduct: The year 2020 with its gift of isolation to the human race has shown the consequence with its global crescendo of loneliness as more and more people are feeling isolated due to deficiency of deep and meaningful mind and soul connections. This is missing due to the lack of introspection and self-analysis of our deeds with our ambitions. Since this isolation has led to loneliness and it is prevalent among all ages across all boundaries and slowly it has become a strong reason for serious mental disorders that includes depression, anxiety, addictions and suicides too. The main reason for loneliness in people is a dearth of strong anchor points in their lives. The absence of anchor points led them to become more hopeless, helpless, fearful and desolate.  The main anchor in life should always be self-realization and connection to the inner self that can be achieved through meditation and thoughtfulness. Although we know that the connection to the deeper self, the fellow creatures and environment makes the life to thrive around in its all aspects and can be a reliable way of ending the loneliness epidemic. Consequently, those who had faith and felt closer to a higher presence could face the ups and downs of life with gratitude in their hearts.

Learning from the teachings of Lord Buddha:

The life of Buddha and his preaching is so appropriate in today’s pertinence to the present world and situation. Lord Buddha says that every single aspect of manifest reality is in a state of constant flux- that means everything is varying all the time, and nothing that exists is permanent. So when everything that surrounds us is in the state of constant alter which is absolute and unchallengeable, we should try to liberate ourselves from the spin of time for material attainment. We should try to proceed to imbibe the two essential moral predicates of Dharma, which is Dana– to give others their due and Daya- to sympathise with fellow creatures. These two important moral predicates of Dharma are going to eradicate the human yearn for more material gains without caring for those fellow creatures who are suffering and struggling for their survival or existence in this world.  According to the Buddha, the only way we can achieve spiritual liberation is if we live in alignment with the truth of the Dharma.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining:

All the great religions speak about the concerns for the vulnerable as loneliness and struggle for survival is devastating.  The one who can achieve a mental balance with mindfulness can survive in any difficult situation. The isolation period is blessings in disguise. With the global burden of struggle, strive and seek out for material gains, we needed a soul time for making acquaintances that can be a powerful antidote for loneliness and emptiness. Utilise this isolation time as much for self-connection, meditation and regaining mental health to endure life after this difficult time is over. As Lord Buddha says Self permeates everything in the world including matter, life, mind and all the existent layers of consciousness beyond the mind and then one can commemorate in a state of deeper self-connection with mental bliss and health.  

Till then isolate, meditate and be safe.

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