Five Tips to Save Your Child to Become a Social Media Addict

It is undeniable that people stare at their phone screens too much. According to a recent study, it has been found that an average person spends five and a half hours every week on social media and that amounts to 12 full days every year. Social media can enhance your life by allowing you to connect with old friends and share important moments of your life.

However, if not managed properly it can become an addiction that will not only consume your time but will affect your work and relationship. Through stepping away from social media, assessing your addiction and developing healthy social media habits, one can work through this issue and create a more balanced life. In Best School in Noida, mentors take special care to deal with issues like this. The school counsellor takes sessions with the kids to address the issue.

Here a few simple tips that may prove helpful in breaking social media addiction.

1.Take a social media break—- Deactivate your child’s account. If the issue has been assessed then to keep a check, one needs to take a break from social media to clear mind and begin breaking the habit. Deactivate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media that he/she might have. This is a good way to give him/her space from his/her addiction without having necessarily to delete his/her account. Consider ceasing social media usage for a minimum of three weeks as it typically takes 21 days to form a habit. During this time, motivate your child to develop a timeline and find healthy activities to replace social media addiction.

2. Remove cell phone apps—-In addition to deactivating the account and to further deter temptation; ask your child to delete the apps from his phone. Not being able to see the apps on the home screen may help during this time of self-reflection and habit-breaking.  In this way, children will also be unable to find any option for wasting time.

3. Change your password—–If you feel that your child cannot successfully beat the habit on his/her own, then ask him/her to hand over the account to you. Change their password so that they cannot access the account even if they want to? Tell them to give you the account after the predetermined period ends. A child also needs to be told about the pros and cons of usage of social media.

4. Inculcate healthy habits—– Ask children to write a list of things he/she could be enjoying doing during leisure time. Keep in mind that every minute that they spend on social media takes a minute from some other more productive activity that one could put time towards. Some of these things could include learning a new language, playing an instrument, hanging out with friends, exercising, learning a new recipe, or reading a book. In this regard, ASPAM Scottish, one of the best schools in NCR can boast of finding and nurturing talents of the children and engages them in all sorts of healthy activities.

5. Get out of the house—– Perhaps the most constructive and certainly the most fun way to battle social media addiction is to get out of the house and have some fun. So encourage your child to do the same. They can go bowling, swimming, running, or shopping or call up friends. It can also be family movie time or dinner time. These are healthy and fun ways to combat addiction. In ASPAM Scottish, one of the well-known CBSE Schools in Noida, mentors talk about family values and encourage students to spend some quality time with their family. To prevent them from relapsing or not keeping their commitment to cease social media usage temporarily, spend more time with their family and friends. The children can also be motivated to visit their grandparents and do errands for them and hang out with their mom more. Hang out with siblings and friends more during this time as well and resist using their phone, even if they are. As such their social media addiction could be hampering their life and relationships and keeping them from their goals.

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