Five Common Reasons Students Fear Examination

Every one of us has sometime in our life have faced examination and many of us have likely faced the stress also.  Most of the students are generally nervous before or during the examination and if they face such nervousness than they are most likely suffering from ‘examinophobia’ or ‘exam fever.’ It is disheartening to see that students are severely affected by it not only psychologically, cognitively and emotionally but socially as well.

The best way to eliminate examination fear is to find the reasons and then work on those reasons to do away with the fear of examination. ASPAM Scottish School one of the Best Schools in Noida organises regular sessions with the students on the topics pertaining to them. ‘Fear of Examination’ is one such topic that is taken up regularly to help the students ease out the tension related to exams.

A few of the reasons why the students fear examinations are listed below-

  1. Inadequate preparation- Mostly thestudents who are unprepared for the exam face the problem or some students who haven’t been attentive in the class face the dilemma of preparation, as during exams, they do not remember anything and consequently feel the examination stress.
  • Irrational and fallacious beliefs- Due to unfounded fears the students start to doubt themselves. They do not trust their abilities and believe that despite all their best efforts, they may still fail. If they do not attain cent per cent marks mean that they will not be able to compete with others. Such erroneous beliefs create unnecessary burden and the student starts to get tensed resulting in his/her fear of the examination.
  • Unsubstantiated pressure- The child starts to feel unwanted pressure due to expectations that his/her parents, teachers, peers, friends and acquaintances create on him/her. This pressure leads to stress and this ‘stress’ leads to fear of the unknown that impacts a child and ultimately results in morbid dread of examination.
  • Fear of failure- Students fear examination because of the fear of failing i.e. securing the minimum passing marks. This fear becomes so weird that the students lose their ability to concentrate that in turn impacts understanding and creates fear of the examination.
  • Low self-esteemLack of confidence and self-esteem to take challenges is another reason why students fear examinations. When students aren’t sure about their preparation and planning for test or examination, they tend to get confused and with an unclear vision, they fail to attempt the paper properly, thereby their marks/grades are immensely affected.

Thus, it is up to the learner only as to how he/she takes the examination i.e. he/she fears it or devises ways to deal with or overcome it with strategic solutions so……….don’t stress, do your best and forget the rest.

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