It is at a preschool that for the first time in life, a child starts to spend time with other children of the same age under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Every child begins to discover an environment that they are not familiar with when they visit a preschool.

The best CBSE preschools in Noida make little students perform fun and engaging extracurricular activities while they interact with each other. Taking part in interesting and joyful activities helps and contributes significantly to the holistic development of each of them. 

So, make sure that the preschool where you wish to admit your child gives priority to skill-building activities as these activities are instrumental in developing and sharpening a child’s abilities to think independently and work with other children as a team. 

Drawing or Painting

Most children feel enthusiastic, and the unadulterated joy is apparent when they get to draw or paint using coloured pencils and crayons. Drawing whatever the art teacher shows or whatever they feel like during the session contributes massively to a child’s holistic growth. The top 10 CBSE schools in Noida prioritise making students perform different extracurricular activities. 

Learning a Language

The exposure of children to different languages is more at preschool. The reason is people from different walks of life and backgrounds admit their children to pre-primary schools. So, when teachers conduct a particular language learning session, it helps to boost the comprehension ability of each student. Besides words, understanding emotions gets easier because of language learning activities. 


Children acquire knowledge faster when the process is fun and engaging. Many well-known CBSE preschools in Noida focus on making children practice craft-making so as to improve their sense, particularity, and precision. In addition, children learn to perform a task with patience, which also helps to boost their behavioural skills. 

It is advisable to opt for  ASPAM Scottish School if you want your child to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge right from the foundational stage. This prestigious education institute incorporates the best practices of Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori in consonance with the National Curriculum Framework. The sole objective behind this ractice is to ensure quality education and the holistic development of each student.

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