Beyond educational achievements, there are significant life proficiencies that a scholar learns in school. Nurturing interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are integral part of overall development of a child. That’s where social and emotional learning, in short SEL, becomes a primary concern that needs collaboration from educators and the managerial department.

A school needs to establish an academic ambience that supports children’s social and emotional health. On this note, the following points present some practical tips to promote SEL in schools.

Offering a Supportive and Safe School Culture

A safe environment is a prerequisite for students as it establishes consistent behavioural outlooks, and a sense of belonging. Students will engage in the SEL activities more if they feel valued and safe around their educators and peers. It helps develop a positive relationship between teachers and students.

Increasing Engagement among Students

Students will notfind interest in school if the teachers do not engage them creatively. There are several ways an educator can help students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge with SEL. One of them is leveraging technology (like educational ERP apps that manage daily tasks, payments, etc.). A school can also include virtual learning sessions into their academic regimens as it improves SEL skills in students.

Developing Emotional Vocabulary

The best educators focus on building an emotional vocabulary that helps students understand difficult words in a more simplified manner. Expanded vocabulary can help even a 4-year-old student. Using words like “excellent,””frustrating,”and “amazing” in sentences makes students understand the emotions.

They can differentiate each word in accordance with the sentences. For instance, if a teacher uses “excellent” in place of “good”: “Wow, you have done an excellent job.” It makes the student understand the emotions, so they learn new words alongside their meanings and usage.

Encouraging Emotions and Expressions through Games

Like speaking and writing, a few students consider art as the best mode of communication. A school can conduct various activities to help these scholars bring out their emotions and expressions through different art forms. ASPAM Academy is one of the best CBSE schools in Noida that offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, a positive learning environment, and quality education. This institute promotes SEL with smart classrooms and 3D printing, among others.

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