Every parent tries their best to ensure their child receives top-quality education. The two well-recognized education boards in India are CBSE and ICSE. Most parents initially find it difficult to select anyone between these two main boards.

 The discussion below may help you in making an informed decision.

CBSE prioritises building a robust foundation.

The first and foremost difference between CBSE and ICSE is the pedagogy. CBSE syllabus is more structured and organised thus making it easy for students to understand. On the other hand, ICSE syllabus is application-based and detailed learning.

Central Board of Secondary Education Curriculum

One of the most preferred and primary Indian education boards is the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE. This reputed board stringently adheres to the national curriculum. CBSE is well-known for conducting national-level examinations for aspirants seeking admission in various medical and engineering programs at the undergraduate level. 

What are the areas where CBSE Board surpasses ICSE Board?

In comparison to an ICSE school, a CBSE primary school in Noida gives the utmost priority to building a solid foundation to prepare students. The organised and well-structured CBSE syllabus enables students to perform better than many students from ICSE boards in competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, IIT, etc. 

Syllabus Structure

ICSE schools follow a comprehensive, detailed, and a bit complex syllabus. On the other hand, CBSE schools stick to a syllabus that is more precise and easier for students at foundational, preparatory, middle and secondary levels. Moreover, syllabus of CBSE is more compact than the ICSE board, which focuses more on applying real-life ideas and theories. 


A prestigious CBSE school in Noida is more concerned about conducting various talent search tests. Moreover, the CBSE board grants scholarships to qualified students in both curricular and co-curricular domains. However, ICSE board does not provide any sort of scholarship to students. 

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