How is ASPAMIANS (CBSE Schools in Noida) Contributing towards “Save Planet Earth”?

Ravaging fires destroying Amazon and Australia, swamping Venice by flooding, unusual rainfalls, record-breaking sweltering heat, not seen in decades is triggering a storm for all of us, warning all of us that we are all sitting on a ticking time bomb. Extreme weather events sound alarm and calls for action grow louder across the world.

Back home, India’s summer rainfall went awry with 33% deficit in June, leading to acute water scarcity in certain parts of peninsular India. Then there were above average expected rains in July-September, leading to floods, killing thousands of people, throwing millions homeless, striving for survival. Kerala was the worst-hit region facing the fury of floods. Extreme weather events resulted in the loss of life and infrastructure. Unrestricted mining operations combined with soil piping causing subsurface soil erosion by percolating waters to produce pipe-like conduits below the ground, leading to environmental degradation. Incessant rains due to changing wind patterns with heavy monsoons cause dangerous situations.

The severity of weather impacts is directly linked to the amount of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases that are released into the atmosphere. The more carbon, the worse the impacts will be. Scientists have concluded that avoiding the worst impacts of climate change will require limiting globalwarming to 1.5ºC to 2ºC. The planet is warming, from the North Pole to the South Pole. Insensitive Polar Regions animals the endangered species are affected and the impacts of rising temperatures aren’t waiting for some far-flung future–the effects of global warming are appearing right now. The rising temperature has resulted in melting of glaciers and setting animals on the move. Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and a range of other impacts. Ice is melting worldwide, especially at the Earth’s poles. This includes mountain glaciers, ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice.

Sea level is rising, storms are going stronger, the freshwater level is reducing, the ecosystem is being disturbed, species are being disturbed, floods and drought are getting frequent and mankind is being threatened.

Precipitation has increased resulting in unique distribution of weather conditions, somewhere severe draught, and somewhere drastic floods.

Another major climate concern were two severe heat waves in Europe and Japan raising the temperature to alarming levels. Australia, too, sweltered in record heat this summer. Amazon’s wildfires are higher than 10 years average. The growing number of fires are the result of illegal forest clearing to create land for farming. As hollow standing trees burn, many of endangered species lose their habitat, nowhere to go. The blazes done intentionally, later become massive taking a huge wildlife toll.

People are suffering, species are dying, the ecosystem is collapsing, and who’s going to take the charge of all this destruction? Who’s going to own the responsibility of burning our own nest while we all are sleeping. It’s time to wake up and think of our own existence lest we too become endangered. We are all at the beginning of mass extinction amidst of our technological and economic growth devoid of natural harmony.

Recently we had been a witness to a series of drastic weather change in Delhi NCR. Days will not be far when we soon will be having snowfall and snowstorms well-coordinated with smog and pollution in our own NCR region. How can we keep off of our sweltering summers? When winters would be harsh how can the summers be soft? So be ready to embrace the blazing summers. Temperature can soar anything between 40 degrees to 50 degrees. But we would never own our own participation in this climate change. Did you ever realize the amount of gases released by your own car or the number of trees cut to clear the land for rising your high rise society? That’s your contribution to Climate concern.

The reason for India being more vulnerable to climate concern is inadequate infrastructure and lack of government planning.

Various reports warn that global temperature is increasing by 1.1’C and temperature extremes may convert many vulnerable areas towards desertification. As a part of human fraternity, let’s all put in our share of effort to raise our concern for climate and save our mother earth from dangerous disasters. All leading Schools in Noida are contributing to creating awareness among their students to know their concerns about climate and how to do their bit to save it. In the same series ASPAM Scottish School, Noida is training young ASPAMIANS to be more responsible and careful towards climate change by reducing the usage of those factors which cause climate degradation and spread awareness among all. Stopping the usage of polythene and plastic material inside the school campus is their first effort in the series which is well collaborated with the plantation drive taken by them at various occasions. Birthday celebration so synonymous to tree plantation for an ASPAMIAN. Let’s hope the legacy goes on and Planet Earth is saved from further degradation.

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