Importance of Value Education

‘Values are the guiding principles that help you determine what is right or wrong’

Education (CBSE Schools in Noida) is not just learning, gaining knowledge or scoring marks but about holistic development. Holistic development means overall development of a child, to make them future ready as well as responsible citizen of the world in a broader sense.

Inculcating values among the younger generation through value education is not new .In culturally rich countries like India this practice is traditional and dates back to the education system of Vedic age as well.  Nowadays we can see emphasis on knowledge based education for intellectual development of a child but need of the hour is to provide them with intellectual as well as emotional, social and spiritual development to make life worth living in this fast paced world. This education is passed on by our elders, be it in home, in school, in scriptures or organizations through reading, storytelling, examples from real life incidents and social activities. Young generation read, learn, understand and assess the effectiveness of value education in their life and enrich them. Apart from traditional spiritual and philosophical values these days the requirement is for value education that can be termed as secular, to be able to live unbiased in a society.

So we can say the main objectives of Value education are:

Overall development of a child’s personality – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Inculcate values to become responsible citizens.

Develop positive attitude and respect individuals.

Develop sense of nationalism and spirit of patriotism.

Develop sense of brotherhood, sense of being tolerant through democratic way of thinking.

Values can’t be preached instead needed to be practiced. Students who are the future of tomorrow should learn desirable skills and values to respond and adjust in the ever evolving society. Thus. the education system and policies to implement Value education in the curriculum became mandatory feature. We, at one of the best CBSE Schools in Noida, believes that value education plays an important role in shaping up one’s life and helps in taking decision. Human beings through their actions reflect personal, moral or social values. Values can be personal, social, professional, moral, political and aesthetic.Personal values are led by individuals for whom family is the priority and so they try to shape their lives accordingly, in professional area people try to achieve their goals and become successful ,moral values make people wise and drive them accordingly to take the right decision whenever its required, aesthetic values are inculcated when people grow responsible towards society and tradition ,develop sense of beauty and try to evaluate the countries possessions, art work and architecture and learn to safeguard them.

Through advanced science and technology on the one hand mankind has created wonders but on the flip side we can witness the greed of mankind in the form of wars,violence,to prove themselves superior as a nation,racism,egoism,corruption.All these formed a vicious circle and led the world to be a gloomy place. So to save mankind from self destruction values in various forms are to be imbibed.

So questions like where are the values gone? Why we have become so self-centered? How can we restore sense of brotherhood and promote international peace and harmony?-pop up every now and then. To save us from going into oblivion the education system became one of the vital sources to promote inculcate and enhance moral and spiritual values like honesty, sympathy, fellow feeling, compassion, tolerance   in students specially designed text books which impart value education through lessons . Students become aware of their social responsibility, understand the meaning of dignity of labour, become truthful, respect and tolerate other religion, selflessly involve in community service and embrace universal love.

In best schools these days a surge in co curricular activities along with the curriculum can be witnessed – education has become inclusive.While taking part in activities students learn to become responsible, learn team spirit, become tolerant, become knowledgeable, get to know the problems of the world, critically analyze the issues, become sympathetic and try to contribute their bit through various activities or contribution whenever there is a need to do so. Education can become the major instrument to promote unity in diversity and global compassion. Since the future will be filled with complexities due to tremendous advance in technology students instead of depending on others need to take the required decision to exist.

In ASPAM Scottish School, one of the Top Schools in Noida, along with co curricular activities students are imbibed with Core Values like Universal Leadership, Global Vistas, and Learning through innovations, Lineage through Annexes and Adulation and Laurels. These values make the students of ASPAM future ready.

Along with core values in ASPAM students are imparted education on Awakened Citizen Programme – a programme designed by Ramakrishna Mission to empower students in a real and tangible way and help them become enlightened citizens.

Thus it can be said in a nutshell that value education improves thoughts, attitudes, overall behavior, it builds character, influences one’s personality, and it is an integral part of life, of human existence. Mahatma Gandhi very aptly said “Keep your thoughts positive/because your thoughts become your words./Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior./Keep your behavior positive /because your behavior becomes your habit./Keep your habits positive/ because your habits become your values./Keep your values positive /because your values become your destiny.”

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