It is no secret that developing the habit of reading has multiple positive outcomes such as increased mental stimulation, improved concentration and retention, vocabulary enhancement, stress reduction, better writing skills and the list goes on.

Inculcation of reading habit from an early age not only supports brain development of children and but also opens the door of innovation.

Since we all would wish our children to become confident, well informed and empathetic individuals, these are some of the tips exhibiting the ways in which reading habit would become a significant part of our ASPAMIANS:

  1. Become a good role model. When your children see you reading, they adopt the same habit through observation and modelling.
  2. Let your child choose what to read as long as the given content is age appropriate. Once you provide them the ownership about what to read, they will utilize more time in reading.
  3. Keep various types of reading materials at home for reference and pleasure reading.
  4. Give books as rewards in order to create a positive correlation with reading.
  5. Encourage your child to read aloud and reinforce them through praising.
  6. Provide your child with short notes to read. For example, jot down their daily schedule/responsibilities on a piece of paper and ask them to go through it on their way to school or simply put an appreciation note in their cupboard.
  7. Encourage reading while doing activities such as going through a recipe book while cooking together, referring to given instructions while doing a DIY task or reading maps while travelling together, etc.
  8. Encourage bed time reading irrespective of the duration you can manage to spend. Even 10-15 minutes of daily reading has a substantial positive impact on the child.
  9. Talk to your children and encourage them to narrate their story to you. Try not to correct or interrupt in between and let them enjoy the process of storytelling.
  10.  Create a “Reading Corner” for your child.

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.” This quote by Kate DiCamillo truly sums up the purpose of the inculcating reading habits in children.

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